Muroran City Environmental Science Museum

Muroran City Environmental Science Museum

As the successor to Hokkaido's first science museum, the Muroran City Youth Science Museum (opened in 1963), it has been newly built and opened with a new theme of ``environment.'' We aim to create displays that allow a wide range of generations, especially children, to become familiar with science on a daily basis and feel hope for the future of the earth and local communities. The environment corner introduces environmental innovation projects that make use of Muroran's individuality and strengths cultivated through manufacturing, as well as initiatives for a sustainable future. In particular, the main displays, ``Watching Morelani,'' is a virtual displays where you walk on satellite photos of Muroran spread out on the floor and explore manufacturing sites, renewable energy sites, and natural spots using an AR tablet. You can experience scenery that is normally difficult to see in person, such as 360-degree footage of factories and drone footage of natural scenery. The science experience corner is made up of equipment that allows you to experience the basics and principles of science. Some of the equipment in the old building has been remade and reinstalled, preserving the history of the facility and the memories of its citizens. displays incorporate elements of play, such as connecting the scattered devices with experiment counters to enhance the face-to-face communication space, and large play equipment with Muroran nature motifs.

Hokkaido Ballpark F Village ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO

Hokkaido Ballpark F Village ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO

In March 2023, "Hokkaido Ball Park F Village" was opened, an area that includes the new stadium of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. Located on a vast site of approximately 32 hectares, it is a completely new creative community space that aims to create a community that coexists with nature, offering next-generation live entertainment, wellness solutions that nurture the mind and body, and active cultural exchange. NOMURA was in charge of planning, design, layout, production, and displays construction for multiple areas, concentrating all of its efforts under the theme of "creating a new viewing experience that no one has ever experienced." At the main stadium, ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO, there is a ``BALCONY SUITE'' in the premium area, ``docomo CLUB LOUNGE'' and ``Panasonic CLUB LOUNGE'' in both wings, which combine sand-covered seats and dining, and a panoramic view of the field from the guest rooms. We created spaces such as ``Tower Eleven Hotel,'' which is full of unique character, and ``Tower Eleven Onsen & Sauna,'' which is the world's first hot spring. As mentioned above, the landmark "TOWER 11" located behind left field of the new baseball stadium has facilities such as the world's first in-baseball hot spring and sauna, Japan's first in-baseball hotel with a panoramic view of the field, and a museum, which can be enjoyed all year round. It is an innovative stadium. For example, the world's first "natural hot spring and sauna inside a baseball stadium with a panoramic view of the field" has 24 "Totonoe Terrace Seats" in the semi-outdoor swimsuit zone, and you can watch the game from the sauna room and bathtub. Masu. Together with Dai Matsuo, also known as the professional sauna ``TTNE Totonoe Master'', we created a new style of watching games that has never been seen before. For Hokkaido Ballpark F Village as a whole, in addition to planning the entire outdoor area, we also create a welcome monument. We will continue to work with fans, partners, and local residents to contribute to the team's goal of creating a "co-creative space" that revitalizes local communities and contributes to society.

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