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Dividend Policy

NOMURA considers profit return to all shareholders as one of its most important management policies, and upholds the basic policy of aiming for business growth while making stable distributions of results backed by business performance to shareholders.
We will continue to pay dividends after taking into consideration factors such as the consolidated net income, business foundation improvements, and any future business developments.

2023Annual dividend per share: 27 yen
Final dividend: 27 yen
Interim dividend -
Record date for dividendsYear-end dividend: Last day of February
Interim dividend: August 31
Dividend payment periodYear-end dividend: May
Interim dividend: November

Changes in dividend payouts

  • *On June 1, 2019, a 2-for-1 stock split was implemented for common shares.
    The following calculations of dividends and share prices assume that the stock split was implemented at the beginning of FY 2012.

Shareholder Benefits

NOMURA has not implemented a shareholder benefits program.

Recent Financial Highlights

Precautions regarding use

  1. If a revision to the financial results or similar documentation is announced, the details listed in this data will not be immediately updated.
  2. Relevant indicators are not retroactively revised even if stock splitting has been implemented.
  3. The frequency of updates is subject to change due to changes in the format of the financial results.

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