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Balcony by 6th / The Lovers' Lounge

Balcony by 6th / The Lovers' Lounge

The all-day dining restaurant "Balcony by 6th," based on the concept of "a balcony in the city," and the bar lounge "The Lovers' Lounge" for "lovers" have opened on the third floor of Azabudai Hills Tower Plaza. The long-loved "6th by Oriental Hotel" in Yurakucho has been reborn as a comfortable dining space that is more accessible to many people, with the theme of inheriting history and harmonizing with the new city. "Balcony by 6th" has an open and comfortable terrace overlooking the Azabudai Hills area, and a botanical atmosphere, offering a unique view of greenery blending into the city. This all-day dining restaurant with about 200 seats can be used for lunch, cafe, dinner, and bar, and serves Italian-based international cuisine created in an open kitchen. The "classical and oriental" taste reminiscent of "6th by Oriental Hotel" has been reinterpreted. A variety of places have been created by incorporating the elements and colors of the surrounding environment, providing a relaxing place where users can enjoy themselves freely according to the situation. The Lovers' Lounge is a bar lounge for lovers. It is adjacent to Balcony by 6th and is a place of relaxation where you can think and talk about the things you like as much as you like. It is a place to meet before a meal or spend some time after a meal, and you can casually enjoy a glass of carefully selected Japanese whiskey from all over the country and a wide variety of signature cocktails. The interior of the store, where you can enjoy carefully selected cocktails and whiskey in a rare, relaxed space within a commercial facility, also has an antique aspect, as some of the interior was used in 6th by Oriental Hotel.

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Seibu Railway's "Toshimaen Station" and "Ikebukuro Station" Renovation

Seibu Railway's "Toshimaen Station" and "Ikebukuro Station" Renovation

This is a renewal project for the Seibu Railway's Toshimaen Station and Ikebukuro Station in conjunction with the opening of Studio Tour Tokyo (Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter), which was built on the site of the former Toshimaen. ■Toshimaen Station Based on the concept of "a station where imagination blends into everyday life," the station building has a simple concept design reminiscent of a gate connecting everyday and extraordinary spaces, with added features that allow you to feel the world of magic. The pillars on the platform, station sign, vending machines, etc. have been renovated to a red-based design reminiscent of Hogsmeade Station, which leads to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In addition, the glass surface at the top of the facade is used to display see-through LED images that change depending on the time of day and season, creating a floating, magical atmosphere. In addition, as a legacy of Toshimaen, which closed in August 2020, model trains, telephone booth objects, benches, and objects made from trees grown within Toshimaen have been remade to fit a new concept and are on displays, making the station popular with local residents. ■Ikebukuro Station Based on King's Cross Station in London, England, the walls of platforms 1 and 2, where trains to Toshimaen mainly depart and arrive, have been renovated to a brick pattern, and the station sign has also been renovated to a navy blue color scheme. Based on the concept of "a road to a fantasy world," illustrations of wizards and owls are used throughout the station to create a magical worldview, making it a gateway to the magical world.

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