Market Areas
Market Areas

Urban & Retail

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Large-scale area development plans
In recent years, area development has seen a demand for original attractions and unique experiences only available in that area. From discovering local resources and creating a vision that depicts an ideal look for an area, to making it a reality and implementing the plan. We assist these areas so they remain unique and popular, and can continue to shine by providing comprehensive support over the course of many years from the very beginning to the end of re-development.
Large complex development/Shopping centers
During the 20th century, commercial complexes were a major innovation that transformed shopping into entertainment. Commercial facilities are faced with unprecedented changes such as the evolution of information and communications technology (ICT) and the COVID-19 pandemic. For many years, NOMURA has supported customers to achieve experiences and user-friendliness that fit with the trends of the times. We will contribute to creating commercial facilities that bring vitality to people’s daily lives using our expertise and new insight developed through our expansion in a diverse range of businesses.
Department stores
In a world where items are readily available, what people desire is shifting from materialistic needs to experiences. NOMURA understands the social and cultural roles that department stores have played, and has sought to achieve a high level of experience and hospitality together with our customers. We ask what the role of department stores will be in the future and what is really important for consumers and society from now, and then assist in the task of transforming and revitalizing these department stores.
Specialty stores
Stores have a diverse range of roles to play. They act as a place where the main purpose is buying goods, but they are also a place where brands can communicate their sentiments in a three-dimensional way, a place to increase engagement with customers, and a place where goods can be marketed and promoted. NOMURA takes the message that a brand wants to deliver to customers through the medium of a space, referred to as a “store,” and make it a reality in the most suitable form that fits this day and age.
Service stores
Service stores are changing their approach from focusing on functionality to focusing on “added value” in terms of being a place that provides higher quality communication with customers and meticulously supports their diversifying needs. NOMURA is working every day to create these types of new service stores. We offer total production of service stores that provide valuable experiences that can never be replaced by shopping online.
Hotels and accommodation facilities that are distinct and have unique characteristics are recently gaining prominence. In addition to interior design, NOMURA’s strength lies in the “creation of original world views” developed in other business sectors such as marketing, various accommodation style proposals, and content that includes experiences. We offer total production of space and time creation for a rich stay at hotels and resorts so that visitors feel like their purpose of visiting the area is just to stay at the facility itself.
Residential housing
NOMURA has also worked on a large number of projects for private residences, shared spaces and private spaces in luxury apartments, and model rooms. Living space design is the ultimate in order-made design. This type of design is personalized to the feelings and lifestyle of the family living there. Similar to a tailor who makes clothes that fit the customer exactly, we repeatedly ask and listen carefully to the customer’s wishes, add in the details of the design, and then create a space that is the most comfortable place for the family to live in.
Ceremonial spaces that encompass important events in our lives are a genre in which NOMURA can demonstrate its unique approach. These events occur in places such as a wedding chapel where once-in-a-lifetime memories are created, a banquet that sets the scene for various life events, or a funeral home that watches over the final farewells of loved ones. In recent years, we have also adopted productions that make full use of technology such as production mapping and high-definition video equipment to diversify the range of expression.
Brand communication/Showrooms/Factory tours
In terms of products and services, empathy for companies and their brands is becoming a more important factor every year. NOMURA’s approach to brand communication is characterized by our consistent support, from the extraction of values and ideas arising from implicit knowledge, to the application of these values and ideas in communication that is close to consumers.
Corporate museums
Many more companies are tending to look back over their own history to reconsider the reason for their existence. NOMURA specializes in discovering ideas and values passed down through the history of a company, and creating museums that contain these ideas and values in spaces and experiences. We support the creation of future-oriented museums to conduct business activities centered on the principles and values of a company, even amid times of incredible change.
NOMURA opened a new office in March 2021. We are aiming for an evolving office that adapts to any era while verifying knowledge and data obtained through our operations. Our office is designed with consideration for the way we will work in the future. We are using creativity and technology to respond to social issues tackled by companies by improving employee job satisfaction and promoting innovation.
Research centers/Innovation facilities
In an era that demands faster creation of values that solve social issues, even research centers are increasingly conducting co-created open innovation that connects with outside knowledge, and research and development that connects with consumers and incorporates the user’s perspective. NOMURA provides consistent support for devising plans to solve issues concerning research and development that differ from company to company, and the application of these plans into spaces and experiences.
Corporate training/education facilities
NOMURA’s creation of a company’s training and education facility begins with gaining a deep understanding of the company’s philosophy and their vision for training and education. After this task is complete, we then consider the ideal method of communication to achieve this vision, and incorporate it into the design of functions and spaces. We provide support to achieve training and education that resonates with intelligence and sensibilities by creating a facility that is both functional and stimulating from the very place where people spend their time during the training.


Theme parks/Amusement parks/Amusement facilities
Theme parks and amusement parks are experiencing a large increase in the number of visitors in recent years due to their expansion and addition of new facilities. The spread of news over social media is also a large factor, but we cannot overlook the evolution of “content that attracts customers.” We make full use of the expertise we have developed through the experience gained while working with various facilities so that we can offer total proposals of original ideas that match target needs, including optimal technology, operation plans, and PR strategies.
Tourist facilities
NOMURA does not simply create tourist facilities and content. We have been involved in the creation of various facilities with the aim of captivating the people who visit these facilities. We focus on the basic marketing elements, and also support the creation of return customers by “designing experiences for visitors” to create captivating moments through all provided contact points.
IP entertainment
Japanese manga and anime content have a passionate fan base all over the world. I want to experience a real space in that world, I want to enter the story. NOMURA helps to make this dream come true. What do the areas that are not drawn look like, and what do they feel like? To complement the information drawn in 2D, we can combine modeling that appears to replicate the “real thing” together with spatial production that amplifies the world view.
Spatial production / Illuminations
Beautiful illuminations that paint the winter night and projection mapping shows that use buildings as a canvas can draw a fantastic story. Through the use of the latest production technology these illuminations and projection mapping shows are the result of a high level of conceptual, modeling, production and technical skill, or what can be referred to as composite art. NOMURA uses the expertise it has developed for theme parks and events to assist in many spatial production and illumination projects.

Conventions & Events

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Large international events (expositions/summits)
Based on the concept of “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”, the Expo 2025 in Osaka, Kansai to be held in 2025 is considering the creation of a “joint-development” system using an online platform for 8 billion people worldwide, in addition to displays that people can view. NOMURA has been involved in international exhibitions for the longest time in the industry, and has pioneered expositions with its various ideas and technology. Through research and experimentation with universities and companies we are expanding the possibilities for future expositions.
Public events
The very nature of an event is said to be a powerful communication tool, in terms of its ability to have people share the same space and time, communicate information, and share emotional experiences. NOMURA has assisted a wide range of projects, from large-scale government events to exhibitions and art exhibitions that accentuate the individual characteristics and world view of an artist or writer. We have even worked on cross-border international exchange events.
Displays_/ Promotional events
Matching using digital and AI technology, and virtual displays are showing promising results at exhibitions, and initiatives to expand business in a more substantial manner are on the increase. The move towards providing special experiences to users is accelerating by combining complex flow line design that uses online tools for promotional events as well. NOMURA is also developing proprietary digital communication technology as the starting point for spatial creation.
There are over 3,000 museums in Japan, and in recent years their roles have become more diverse. They are becoming more and more important as bases for cultural tourism, hubs for regional development, and the core of regional development. We support the creation of museums that exist alongside civil society, responding to social challenges such as preserving cultural assets, developing displays that incorporate the latest technology, communicating with users, and operating in a sustainable manner.
Public facilities
In recent years, many places have been created to serve as locations for new regional revitalization. NOMURA proposes spaces that are designed based on regional themes, spaces furnished with a variety of features for reading, learning and meeting others, and spaces that are versatile for use in joint development and collaboration. The added value that comes from our spatial design produces a much more attractive place. We propose approaches to public places directly linked to the lives of its citizens, that changes with the times.
Public transport facilities
Around 20 years has passed since the word “ekinaka” first appeared. Today, major stations all over the country are lined with popular stores and stores that are well-known locally. Airport facilities and service and parking areas along highways show similar trends. In recent years, this type of trend has come full circle, and is making even further progress. NOMURA identifies the characteristics of an area and the conditions of a location to match the best industry and business categories from our extensive network and then create original facilities that can only be found there.
Kids spaces / Nurseries
Based on our mission to design a “place” and “system” for children, NOMURA has been conducting a series of research studies on kids spaces, such as experiments through collaboration with industry and academia, and the establishment of a design handbook. NOMURA provides support for achieving a society that considers the future of our children, such as creating spaces that stimulate rich creativity and communication, and supporting projects such as the establishment of nursery schools, while maintaining the safety and security of our children.
Schools / Educational facilities
Software and infrastructure that supports “learning” is evolving rapidly. NOMURA provides proposals for approaches to “learning” and spaces, including the evaluation and verification of learning and how knowledge is acquired, in addition to how to learn against the change in approaches to learning spaces in the new normal era, the change in teaching materials and communication methods due to ICT, and the spread of active learning and learning commons.
Hospitals / Clinics / Healthcare facilities
The term “health” has gradually changed in terms of treatment, ill-health, and people’s behavior towards a healthier lifestyle in Japan where people are living to 100 years old and the population is aging. NOMURA has been collaborating with universities and research institutes on verification tests at the company to implement new initiatives that respond to current issues and needs, such as designs that appeal to people’s awareness and the creation of systems and networks that can be sustained.
Shrines / Buddhist temples / Religious organizations
Shrines and Buddhist temples are treasure troves full of cultural property unique to Japan, with important cultural property in the form of architecture, Buddhist statues and treasured items, traditional culture rooted in the land where the shrines and temples stand, and intangible culture unique to the region, all intertwined like composite art. NOMURA provides support to connect these precious cultural and traditional properties with the future by bringing together solutions for spaces (the hardware) and wisdom (the software) to attract customers and revitalize communities from a long-term perspective.
Sports facilities / Parks
The potential of sports facilities and parks to attract customers is gaining much attention due to the popularity of outdoor leisure activities, the increased consumption of experiences, and the impact of COVID-19. NOMURA will apply its expertise gained from operation businesses, events and promotions to redefine the role of sports facilities and parks with a free thinking approach not bound by conventional theory, and propose improvements in the value of these places as locations that attract many people.
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