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Management philosophy

We will contribute to creating an abundant human environment
through the creation of new value
based on respect for humanity

Respect for humanity

NOMURA responds to the diverse values of people who are ordinary citizens, and creates comfortable living environments. We also create a workplace that is rewarding and fosters self-development based on the human nature of our employees.

Creation of new value

NOMURA is able to contribute to attracting customers and creating spaces in an optimal manner by seeking to discover new functions and possibilities for exchange between people, people and objects, and people and information.

Target corporate image

NOMURA presents a lifestyle culture that aims to improve the quality of the human environment. NOMURA will become a leader in the environmental creation industry through this work.


Deliver “Delight and Passion” to people
through space creation

Contributing to the creation of new value in society by delivering “Delight and Passion” to people through the power of space. That is the unchanging mission of the NOMURA Group. We will shape the future happiness of people through time and experience created by a single space.


Exploring the many possibilities of spaces, 
starting with each individual’s “creativity”

Expectations concerning the possibilities of space are on the rise, amid the changes in society. To meet these expectations, we will aim to be a company that takes on new challenges for space creation, starting with the creativity of each employee and their passion to make society better.

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