Nikka Whiskey Yoichi Distillery 2nd phase renewal


This is the second phase of the renovation of the tour facility at Nikka Whiskey's Yoichi Distillery, which will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2024.
Following the renewal of the Nikka Museum in October 2021, we were in charge of renovating part of the museum and the new Visitor Center. We will convey the appeal of Nikka whiskey not only through our products and services, but also through the enrichment of experience facilities.

"Nikka Museum"
We produced a history of Nikka Whiskey founder Masataka Taketsuru's upbringing, studying abroad in Scotland, establishment of Nikka Whiskey, and the thoughts that have been passed down to Nikka Whiskey today, using Masataka's words.
【-Now and Future-】
We would like to tell you that Masataka Taketsuru's passion and commitment to quality are still alive in Nikka Whiskey, and that Nikka continues to take on the challenge of delivering a variety of deliciousness and fun. It was put on displays.

"Visitor Center"
As a prologue to the tour, we designed the facility to create a sense of anticipation among our customers.


① We aim to be a facility where you can see the history of Nikka Whiskey, the thoughts of founder Masataka Taketsuru, and the process by which Nikka's various unblended spirits are reborn into various brands using a blender, and make you fall in love with "whiskey" and "Nikka." .
②We want to convey the charm of Nikka whiskey not only through products and services, but also through enriching the experience facilities.

We have received the above requests.


In order to give a more realistic feel to Masataka Taketsuru's thoughts, displays was structured to weave together ``Masataka's words,'' and by dividing the space according to theme, we created a more immersive displays experience.
In addition, the facility, which is visited by many visitors both from Japan and abroad, has a route plan that takes into account guided tours in groups and people using wheelchairs, and is also multilingual by using QR codes.

We aimed to create a facility that is highly satisfying for both guided tours and independent tour customers.

Customer's voice

I work as an interpreter guide, and I feel that the renovated museum has become much better. The story of the founder and Rita has a strong appeal, especially to female customers, and this renewal has made it easier to convey that story.

project member
Sales and project management
Tadayuki Matsubara
Design and Layout
Akika Yamada, Kensaku Shirodo
Production and Construction
Tsukasa Iwasaki, Takuo Nakao
creative direction
Keiu Tamura
Tomoko Yanagihara, Atsuro Iizuka
Basic information





Nikka Whiskey Co., Ltd.


Planning/basic concept, design, layout, sign/graphic concept design, interior administration, environmental features, exhibit execution, interior execution, building execution


Selected for the 42nd Display Industry Award 2023 (2.Leisure/Tourist Facility Category)


The contents of the publication are the information at the time of facility opening. Please see the facility website for the latest information.

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