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Deliver "Delight and Passion" to people
through space creation

NOMURA creates Delight and Passion together with our customers, 
and aims to be the world's most powerful professional company that enriches and prospers society.
To achieve this goal, we are seeking people who can understand, 
empathize and put the “NOMURA mindset” into practice.


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NOMURA Co., Ltd. is a total producer of spaces. The company handles research, planning, consulting design, layout, production and construction of commercial facilities, hotels, corporate PR facilities, workplaces, expositions and museums, and also operates and manages these areas.
The entire group operates across six group companies both in Japan and overseas, with 9 locations in Japan and 8 locations overseas.
We deliver “Delight and Passion” to people by providing spatial value integrating both the physical and virtual realities by making full use of our collective strength developed over more than 130 years since NOMURA was first founded in 1892.
In recent years, we have been promoting “social good activities” that create a positive impact through our business activities to achieve a sustainable society.



“Deliver Delight and Passion to society through space creation”
This is the NOMURA Group’s mission.
An era in which the social environment is changing and the demand to create spaces that do not yet exist is greater than ever.
The NOMURA Group is building a corporate culture of flat collaboration centered on new concepts and ideas more than ever before.
I would like each and every employee of the NOMURA Group to be a creator.
Being a creator is not a profession. The word “creator” comes from the Latin words "to give birth" and "to create".
It goes beyond the profession and position of an individual, and should embrace their creative mind, exchange ideas freely, and “create” spaces that do not yet exist for society. That is my ideal NOMURA Group.
We will expand the possibilities of space to create “Delight and Passion” in the future that society demands together with our colleagues, people in our partner companies, and our customers.
We are looking forward to meeting everyone who shares our desire to create "Delight and Passion" in the future that society demands.

NOMURA Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Kiyotaka Okumoto
奥本 清孝

The type of people we are seeking

The NOMURA mindset is a policy shared by everyone who works in the NOMURA Group and shows the direction in which all daily actions should proceed.

The type of people we are seeking
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