Terms of Use & Disclaimer
Terms of Use / Disclaimer

The NOMURA website (www.nomurakougei.co.jp, hereafter "this website") is operated by NOMURA Co., Ltd. (hereafter "NOMURA") or its agent. Please use this website in accordance with the following terms of use (hereafter "the terms"). By viewing and using each page of this website, you are deemed to have accepted the details of the terms and the disclaimer.

Website Terms of Use

1. Linking to our website

Please note the following when setting a link.

  1. Use www.nomurakougei.co.jp for the URL to link to our website, and clearly specify that it is for the NOMURA website. Please be advised that NOMURA may change the URL or suspend the website without prior notice.
  2. Do not set a link that will damage the credibility of our company.
  3. Please be advised that NOMURA may change or remove the content of this website without prior notice.

2. Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights relating to all content on this website are either owned by NOMURA or used under license by NOMURA. Therefore, unauthorized use or duplication of any content of this website is prohibited. However, all or part of the material on this website may be duplicated only when the following conditions are met.

<Condition 1>The material must be used completely for personal use, not for commercial purposes.

<Condition 2>Notices concerning intellectual property rights such as copyright indicated on the original material must also be included in the duplicated material.

Furthermore, all trademarks and service marks used on this website are either owned by NOMURA or our members, or are used under license or other legitimate authority by NOMURA. Unauthorized use or duplication of these trademarks and service marks is strictly prohibited.


NOMURA is in no way responsible for any problems, losses or damage that may arise from the use of this website or the information it contains.

1. Use of information

Information published on this website has been prepared for services provided by NOMURA or our agent. It is not a source of information to make decisions on investment or similar such matters.
We try to provide the best and most up-to-date information but cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information. NOMURA is in no way responsible for any problems that may occur as a result of using the information on this website.

2. Use of 3rd party websites

NOMURA is in no way responsible for other websites (besides the NOMURA website) that can be accessed from this website. When we have posted a link to another website from this website, it does not mean that NOMURA endorses the website. NOMURA is not responsible for the content or use of such websites.

3. Changes and removal of website content, etc.

All information provided on this site is subject to change without prior notice. Please also be advised that NOMURA may disrupt or suspend the operation of this website without prior notice. NOMURA is in no way responsible for any damage that may result when disrupting or suspending the operation of this website or when changing information.

4. Governing law and agreement jurisdiction

The terms and use of this website conform to Japanese law, and all disputes that arise in relation to this website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance of the Tokyo District Court.

System requirements

Recommended browser

Latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox

Social Media Site Terms of Use

NOMURA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has established the following social media terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms").

In these Terms, social media refers to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. operated by our company (collectively referred to as the "Services"), and includes any services provided in connection with or accompanying such social media accounts.

When using the official accounts, please read these terms and conditions and use them only if you agree to them.

Article 1 Scope of application of these Terms

These Terms apply to all users of social media accounts operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "Users").

Applicable accounts for this agreement are as follows

X NOMURA Name: Nomura Co., Ltd.
X Account ID: @NomuraKougeisha

Instagram account name: NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Instagram account ID: @nomura_kougeisha_jp

Instagram account name: IVD_ official
Instagram account ID: @ivd_official

Instagram account name: no.10_official
Instagram account ID: @no.10_official

Instagram account name: RENS
Instagram account ID: @rens.design.official

YouTube account name: NOMURA Co. Ltd.
YouTube account ID: @NomuraKougeisha

Article 2 About operation

  1. The Company does not reply to all comments, retweets, messages and other reactions (hereinafter referred to as "Comments, etc.") posted on the Service by Users.
  2. The Company cannot respond to inquiries regarding comments, etc. posted on the Service by Users.
  3. The Company cannot answer questions about the system status of the Service, functions, usage methods, and technical questions of software and applications provided by third parties.
  4. The Company may terminate, suspend, or change the operation of all or part of the Service without prior notice.

Article 3 Notes

  1. The Company does not legally guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, up-to-dateness, appropriateness, etc. of the content of the information obtained by the User through the Service.
  2. We are not responsible for any information posted by users on this service.
  3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages suffered by users or third parties due to troubles between users or between users and third parties that arise in connection with this service.
  4. When posting to this service, users shall confirm in advance that the content does not contain information that infringes the intellectual property rights such as copyrights of third parties, and shall not infringe the rights of others. increase.

Article 4 Prohibited Matters

When using this service, please refrain from the following acts. In addition, if the user's conduct falls under any of the following items, the Company may delete the relevant post, hide the comment, block the account, file a petition for deletion, etc. without prior notice.

  1. Acts that infringe on the copyrights, portrait rights, and other intellectual property rights of our company, our business, other users, and third parties.
  2. Acts that infringe on the property, trust, privacy, etc. of our company, our business, other users, or third parties.
  3. Acts that slander our company, our business, other users and third parties, regardless of whether they are true or not.
  4. Acts of sending, communicating, disclosing, copying, or writing personal information (email address, address, telephone number, or other private information) to other users or third parties without the prior consent of the Company or the individual concerned.
  5. Acts that interfere with or destroy the operation of this service by computer viruses, cracking, etc.
    Threats, obscenity, defamation, discriminatory acts, political activities, religious activities, or acts that lead to them.
  6. All commercial activities such as sales activities, recruiting activities, affiliates, guidance to sales purpose sites, links, etc. without our prior permission.
  7. Acts contrary to public order and morals, criminal acts, or acts related to them.
  8. Violations of laws or acts related to them.
  9. Actions such as display of advertising banners, including all kinds of advertising banner exchanges and link exchanges.

Article 5 (Copyright)

  1. The copyright of the information provided by the Company through the Service belongs to the Company or the copyright holder.
  2. The copyright of the content posted by the user on this service belongs to the user who posted the content or the copyright owner of the content. In addition, after posting, the user who posted the content or the copyright holder of the content may use the content free of charge and non-exclusively worldwide (processing, extracting, duplicating, publishing, (including translation, etc.), and consent in advance not to exercise the author's moral rights against us.

Article 6 (Changes to these Terms)

  1. The Company shall be able to change the Terms without the consent of the Service User.
  2. The revised terms shall take effect from the time the Company displays the terms online on the Service and makes them available for viewing.

Article 7 (Governing Law/Jurisdiction)

The Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and any dispute with the Company relating to the use of the Service by the User shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.

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