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奥本 清孝

NOMURA Group will move toward a new history based on the aspirations we have cultivated since our founding and the trust we have built with many customers to date.

What kind of company should we be in order to challenge the unknown possibilities of space in a changing society and continue to deliver “Delight and Passion” to people? This fiscal year, we reviewed our brand structure, which serves as a guideline, and formulated a new vision.

new vision
Opening up all the possibilities of space based on the “creativity” of each person

NOMURA Group aims to be a company that uses the creativity of each and every employee as a source of inspiration to take on new challenges for space creation. The business environment surrounding spaces is changing, and we are in an era where the creation of spaces that do not yet exist is required to solve social issues. This is because we believe that valuing the potential within our employees and starting with the creativity of each individual is necessary to open up the possibilities of NOMURA Group. The ability to discover social issues in each and every employee, the passion to make society better, and the new ideas and ideas that are born in each and every employee. Open up your sexuality. The new NOMURA Group will envision a new business future based on the creativity of its employees.

Delivering “Delight and Passion” to people based on individual creativity. It is also a thought that leads to the philosophy from the founding. We ask for your unwavering support and expectations for the Nomura Group as we begin to move toward a new era with all our employees united in the same spirit, based on our origins and the trust of our customers.

NOMURA Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Kiyotaka Okumoto
奥本 清孝
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