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奥本 清孝

In recent years, various social issues such as climate change, low birth rates and an aging population, and regional population decline have been attracting attention, and along with the increasing importance of communication and the value of well-being, we feel that expectations and needs for spaces are increasing in various situations. What can spaces do to create a sustainable society and enable people to live healthy lives in the future? Now, space creation is required to have the power to envision a new future.

Since our founding, the value that our group has provided to society has remained unchanged: Delight and Passion, which we create through space creation. In the future, through space creation, we will contribute not only to our customers' business value but also to the creation of social value, creating a "better cycle" for society to realize continued growth into the future. In order to realize this vision, last fiscal year, the Group set forth a new vision: "We will open up all the possibilities of space, starting from the 'creativity' of each and every one of our employees. Each and every employee has a passion to "improve society" and is committed to creating spaces that enrich people's hearts and minds by harnessing their individual creativity. Furthermore, by promoting active investment in research and development (R&D) activities in various fields, we will generate synergy between individual strengths and corporate and municipal collaborations and industry-academia efforts.

As the possibilities of spaces that exist together with people expand, we will deliver new value to spaces by further evolving our existing businesses, venturing into new business fields, and promoting research and development that leads to value creation. Even in these changing times, we will move forward while initiating change ourselves, aiming to be the first company that comes to mind when people think of "space creation." We would like to ask for your continued support of NOMURA Group.

NOMURA Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Kiyotaka Okumoto
奥本 清孝
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