Weathernews in-house nursery school “WNI RAIN KIDS HOUSE”

Weathernews in-house nursery school “WNI RAIN KIDS HOUSE”

[Outline of the project] WNI RAIN KIDS HOUSE (known as WNI RAIN KIDS HOUSE) is an in-house nursery school established by Weathernews with the aim of creating an environment in which employees can balance raising children and being active in the workplace. This in-house nursery school was established on the premises of Makuhari Techno Garden, where the company resides, with the aim of creating an environment where employees can work with peace of mind. In addition, the name of the nursery school, "RAIN", expresses the hope that children will be respectful, adventurous, and independent. The company requested a unique space design that could express the concept, and an efficient function development that accommodates childcare of different ages, such as a nursery school and an after-school room. Our company consists of fathers and mothers who work as project members. Utilizing my childcare experience, I planned and designed the naming of each class and the educational program. We have pursued the uniqueness of Weathernews down to the smallest details construction such as the space that expresses "RAIN", logo graphics, and modeling. [Customer's voice] In order to create a facility unique to Weathernews, we discussed various themes and concepts within the company, and NOMURA, including the process, did a good job. For example, concept design and concept of the logo mark grabbed the hearts of the staff, and I was impressed with the idea of drawing a weather chart on the floor on the day of the company's founding, so I adopted it. We received a wide range of proposals from NOMURA, and were able to open a wonderful in-house nursery school that is typical of Weathernews. [Persons in charge] Sales/Project Management: Haruhiko Kako Planning: Takashi Isozaki design, layout: Mutsumi Kaneko Sign/Graphic concept design: Fujie Suzuki Production/ construction: Manabu Ikura, Atsushi Endo, Shun Funatsu Advisory Staff: Team M (Representative) : Mari Matsumoto)

Sangetsu Tokyo Shinagawa Showroom

Sangetsu Tokyo Shinagawa Showroom

Sangetsu Tokyo showroom relocation and renovation project. The showroom, which has been expanded by about 1.5 times the area to 600 tsubo, has been renovated into a lifestyle-proposing showroom full of "fun to see", "fun to choose", and "fun to combine" under the theme of "GOOD LIFE CLOSET", and it is a space that can be freely selected and styled, and has become a space that can be styled with an interior closet. This project is a NOMURA group collaboration project, planning, schematic design, We design, layout helped you with everything from production to construction.   ◎Our project members NOMURA Corporation 【Sales】Noboru Sato, Motoaki Ise 【Planning】Yuichi Saito, Mika Kobayashi 【concept design/Design】Hideaki Hada, Yoshiyo Yoshikawa, Nao Kameda, Hisashiki Nakamura, Shigemi Shimizu 【Sign Graphic Toshie Sasaki 【construction】Shinichi Murakami, Yuji Matsuda, Atsushi Yanome, Takeshi Matsuura, Haruo Toma, Tadahiro Nakajima, Tatsuya Umeda, Yuko Yamashita, Yasuhiro Sakurazawa Nomura Products Co., Ltd. Kenji Takaba, Kenji Yamashita, Minoru Suzuki, Katsuhide Sayama 【What our customers are saying】 "Let's make good things together" I am very grateful that we were able to complete the project while sharing this intention. In the tight construction period, we were often taught by the attitude of listening to grasp the client's intentions, the speed at which they put it into shape, the variation of elicilication, the meticulousness and commitment. Digging deep into the concept, concept design space, concept design fixtures, construction By being able to request styling all at once, I think we were able to create a comfortable space that reflected the intention of the concept in every corner.

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