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As a space creation professional, we provide everything you need

Our main business is the overall production of spaces where people gather, such as commercial facilities, hotels, corporate PR facilities, workplaces, expositions and museums. We provide a complete range of services required for spaces through the collective strength of our corporate group and our expertise in each field of the business from research, planning and consulting to design, layout, production, construction and the operation and management of facilities and events.
In recent years, we have been participating in many new businesses and business productions that utilize space, and as a partner in creating spaces that conform to the changing times and changes in the social environment, we will continue to contribute to the prosperity and growth of our customers' businesses as well as society.

Provided services

01: Research, planning and consulting 02: design, layout 03: Production and construction 04: Operation and management
01 Research, Planning, and Consulting

Formulating various surveys, analysis, concepts and business / operation plans concerning customer requests and issues.

02 Design and Layout

Design and layout based on both concepts and plans.

03 Production and Construction

Producing displays based on design and layout, and constructing the exterior and interior areas of facilities.

04 Operation and Management

Operating facilities and events based on business and operation plans, providing support to attract customers to these facilities and events, and conducting revitalization and maintenance.

Market Field6 Market areas of expertise

Urban & Retail

- Large-scale area development concepts - Large complex development & SC - Department stores - Specialty stores - Service stores

アーバン & リテール


- Hotels & resorts - Residential housing - Ceremonies



・Brand communication / showroom / factory tour ・Corporate museum ・Research center / innovation facility ・Workplace ・Corporate training / educational facility



- Theme parks / Amusement parks / Amusement facilities - Tourist facilities - IP Entertainment - Space production / Illumination


Conventions & Events

- Large international events (expositions and summits) - Public events - Displays / Promotional events

コンベンション & イベント


- Museums - Public facilities - Public transport facilities - Kids spaces / Nurseries - Schools / Educational facilities - Hospitals / Clinics / Healthcare facilities - Shrines / Buddhist temples / Religious organizations - Sports facilities / Parks

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