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HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU, A PARKROYAL Hotel is a lifestyle hotel with 538 rooms located on the 18th, 20th to 38th floors of Tokyu Kabukicho Tower, which stands on the former site of Shinjuku TOKYU MILANO, a symbol of the culture of Shinjuku Kabukicho and a city that supported people's leisure time along with Japan's economic growth. concept design concept is a hotel that is "connected to the city," and while incorporating the characteristics, history and culture of Kabukicho, a city with a deep tolerance for all individuality, it has created a hybrid space that is both future-oriented and references the era (mid-century) of 1956, when Shinjuku Tokyu Bunka Kaikan, the predecessor of Shinjuku TOKYU MILANO, was built. The theme of the guest rooms is "APARTMENT ROOM." The guest rooms are designed to be a place where all individuality can live and lead the culture of the new city, and are designed based on the concept design language of the mid-century, with artificial light and textures to create a new residential space. In contrast, JAM17 DINING & BAR has a variety of "CULTURE SOCIETY CLUB" themes. It is positioned as a basement floor for the town, sprinkled with pieces of history and culture, as a place of exchange that will be a base for new culture through various communications and expressions. All flows from the dining, bar, and lobby to the guest rooms are connected to the town, proposing a new way of experiencing accommodation where you can enjoy various scenes unfolding like a movie.

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% Arabica Riyadh Roastery

% Arabica Riyadh Roastery

This is concept design and construction supervision of the second store in Saudi Arabia for the Kyoto-based coffee shop brand "%ARABICA". The client requested that a 900m2 warehouse be renovated and a custom-made gigantic roasting machine be installed. We planned a theater-like store that would make the most of the vast space while showcasing the gigantic roastery. A stage was set up at the back of the store that could be seen from any seat, and the roasting machine, which is the main attraction, was placed majestically in the center. The bean cellar, which is the symbol of "%ARABICA", surrounds it, livening up the main attraction. The store is also home to the excellent baristas of "%ARABICA", who act as an orchestra. A U-shaped kitchen counter was set up in the center of the store, and comfortable sounds were created to resonate throughout the store along with the baristas' brilliant performance. In order to allow customers to enjoy the live feeling of these two main attractions from anywhere in the store, we created a large pillar-free atrium and arranged the seats around it. The main seating area is made up of box seats separated by sheer curtains. Considering the Saudi Arabian people's concern about the distance between men and women, these seats are laid out in two tiers on both sides of the atrium. There are also bench seats around the kitchen counter where you can watch the barista right in front of you, and counter seats with a view of the whole store, allowing a variety of seating options to suit different customer demographics. Comfortable light pours in through the perforated metal from the atrium ceiling. These features have created a store where customers can enjoy delicious coffee and a theater-conscious concept design and production with all five senses, while making the most of the bright and open space.

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