Provided Services

Service Overview

01: Research, planning and consulting 02: design, layout 03: Production and construction 04: Operation and management
Research, Planning, and Consulting

Research, Planning, and Consulting

Creating “something from scratch” when creating a new space

Based on factual research such as of social backgrounds and market environments, we repeatedly analyze the customer’s issues and resources, and then formulate a basic scheme to present a vision and concept to the client. We produce creative spaces that meet the needs of society and the customer’s vision by being involved in creating specific detailed plans and content planning, and work up to the stage where the idea is finally realized.

  • Research and Development
  • Marketing Research
  • Feasibility Study
  • Master Planning
  • Basic Scheme
  • Concept Making
  • MD Planning
  • Business Condition Development
  • Leasing
Design and Layout

Design and Layout

Expressing and giving shape to unique spaces

We express the customer’s business plan in the space and content, and design the space to make it a reality. As we peer into the future several years from now and take into account the social nature and background of the times, we design the space to ensure that the customer and people who use it will be convinced and continue to use the space for many years to come. Currently, we are working on proposals that utilize advanced technology to respond to the needs of the information society and the digital age.

Spatial Design
  • Architectural Planning and Design Administration
  • Interior Design
  • FF&E Design and Coordination
  • Signage Design
Content Design
  • Display and Information Design
  • Website and Application Design
  • Video and Content Design
  • Combined Production Design and Engineering
  • Brand and Visual Design
  • Special Modeling and Monument Design
  • Smartphone Displays
Production and Construction

Production and Construction

Reliable management of construction using our vast knowledge and judgment

We manage construction in terms of factors such as quality and safety with correct knowledge and judgment, and in some cases the cooperation of experts. We also communicate with professionals such as material manufacturers, engineers, and media creators to draw out the best of their capabilities and guide the project to its final fruition.

Project Management
  • Process Management
  • Quality Management
  • Safety Management
  • Production
  • Construction Management
  • Budget Management
  • Compliance Management/Responding to Government Inspections
Furniture and Fixture Manufacturing
  • Criteria Adjustment
  • Hardware Furniture and Fixture Manufacturing
  • Software Furniture and Fixture Manufacturing
Operation and Management

Operation and Management

Making a successful business through facility operation and management

We are responsible for facility operation management, enlivening the facility, and operation business that leads to regional revitalization centered on the facility. We provide total support to achieve a business through operation and management that uses our diverse, accumulated expertise and network.

Operation Management
  • Facility Operation
  • Opening Preparation
  • Recruitment/Human Resource Management
  • Public Relations
  • Customer Attraction/Promotion
  • Various Administrative Offices
  • Public-Private Partnership
Business Promotion
  • Restaurants/Retail
  • Surveys/Research
  • Tourism/Regional Revitalization
  • Exhibitions/Events
  • Maintenance Inspection and Maintenance
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