This project involved converting the former Kiyomizu Elementary School building, which has a history of about 90 years and remains in Kiyomizu, Kyoto, into a hotel. It was reborn as a hotel that combines modern comfort while retaining its distinctive design. We were responsible for architectural design supervision, interiors design, layout, and FF&E concept design and construction.

Shimizu Elementary School is one of the schools that has been highly evaluated for its unique architecture in terms of its location, exterior decoration, and interiors concept design. Based on the hotel's concept of "Engraving memories and connecting them to the future," the hotel paid the utmost respect to the historical Western architecture and its interior space, and concept design it to revive memories while preserving and inheriting them. In addition, the architecture and interior space were fused as new functions to express both nostalgia and newness.

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It was necessary to design it so that it would function as a hotel while making the most of the existing historical elementary school architecture. It was also necessary to hold discussions on how the hotel should be accepted in the Kyoto area.

We worked with creative designers on every detail, from architecture, landscaping, interior design, FF&E, artwork, graphics, and uniforms, to create a completely new and unique space.
While the corridors and staircases where elementary school students once ran around have been preserved, when you open the doors to the classrooms where the children once studied, you will find yourself entering a contemporary, entirely different world.
In order to maximize the value of the existing details that are engraved with the history of the architecture and interior space, we stuck to materials that do not overwhelm but highlight them. The reflection of the materials reflected in the semi-gloss finish further accentuates the existing architectural design. We aimed to create a spatial composition with a unique "seeing" that can only be experienced here, by coordinating the total concept design of the artwork, graphics, uniforms, etc., and harmonizing interiors and FF&E concept design in a well-balanced way.

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[Sales/Project Management] Toru Moenuki
[design, layout, design supervision] A.N.D.: Ryu Kosaka, Shohei Urata, Hiroki Yasuda / Hiroyuki Nishikawa
[FF&E concept design] A.N.D.: Kaori Sano

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NTT Urban Development Corporation


Architectural design supervision, interiors design, layout, FF&E concept design and construction


Sky Design Awards 2021 Bronze (Interior Design)
"2021 Good concept design Award" Good concept design Award (Hotel)
"Japan Space concept design Award 2020" Gold Award (Service and Hospitality Space)
39th Display Industry Awards (2020) Encouragement Award (Japan Display Industry Association Awards) Leisure and Tourism Facilities Category

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