As vitalization business related to the redevelopment of Senri Central Park, we renovated the architecture, interiors, and landscape of the former park management office, and planned a facility to think about Senri Central Park together with local residents.

Based on the concept of PLAY 1 OOORE SCENES, the three Os (Open, Ordinary, and Organic), we operate a café “SEN℃” and a mini shop “Park Lawson Senri” where you can enjoy the experience value unique to the park. , planning cooperation, design, layout, construction, and park vitalization business project planning and operation of the community space “LABO”.
As an initiative to be carried out with local residents, through the holding and management of events such as “find and create colors” and “paint the entire building”, colors found in the park will be used to color the outer wall of the lab building, creating value that can only be found here. was created.


It is not a finished form, but concept design that leaves a blank space that will continue to be created together with the local people. Also, make use of closed and dilapidated facilities and make them open places. To maximize the existing value of trees and park landscapes that have been nurtured over 50 years. I had more requests.


We will cherish the place that has been here for decades, and create a place that will remain in people's memories, leaving traces of the activities of the people of Senri. We thought it was important to create a place that grows together with the park and the community, and to create an attractive place that can only be found here, through efforts to create unique park values and involve residents.
For this reason, the four words “blank space,” “co-creation,” “constancy,” and “freedom,” recalled from the three Os (Open, Ordinary, and Organic) of the concept, will be used in concept design of the facility and the state of the place after the facility is developed. value and set.

■Architecture/Landscape “Using the charm of this place to create a scene that is close to the community”
・Value created by organically developing existing attractions and new installations that can create value unique to this location, such as trees that have been nurtured over 50 years and the scenery of the park that can be seen from the window. We worked on concept design of the renovation to maximize the
・For the exterior space, after repeated discussions with Toyonaka City and a landscape designer, we decided to use an existing mixed forest with good ventilation and close to the vegetation in the surrounding area. The deck space inside is small but gives a sense of immersion in the rich forest, creating the experience value of the unique dining space provided by the cafe. The outer wall is painted with aging paint so that it can blend in with the forest scenery.

■ Interior "Connecting the inside and outside to create a variety of scenes in harmony with nature"
・A large opening has been newly installed on the outer wall on the west side of the café, connecting the interior and exterior. In the audience seats facing the opening, you can enjoy your meal while feeling the trees swaying in the wind and the sunlight filtering through the trees. The open kitchen has a single-plate cedar counter that enhances the charm of charcoal cooking, and uses copper-colored hoods and charcoal-filled mortar finishes.
・Lawson reflects the scenery of the park with a large mirror, creating an experience like an open-air convenience store in the park. We also use local materials.
・The community space is made up of variable furniture that can be used in a variety of situations as a “place to be created together” with local residents. In addition, the exterior was co-created with artist Gei Nakajima and local residents through a workshop to search for colors in the park and paint them with the colors they found.

■ Activation event planning and management "Make it together"
・Before opening, as part of the revitalization event that expresses Senri Central Park, we held an event where we searched for the color of the park with local people and painted the entire lab building with that color.
・Even after the opening of the facility, we will continue to be involved with the facility, such as hosting revitalization events that make use of our strengths, in order to co-create with the local people and update the facility.

project member
Takashi Isochi
Sales and project management
Ryo Sakon, Maki Matsuura
Planning/basic concept
Ryusuke Nomura
Design and Layout
Shigeto Suga, Tomohiko Deguchi, Hiroko Inade, Katsumi Tanda
Production and Construction
Michitaka Funakura, Toshimi Katsuragi
Basic information



Osaka Prefecture


Senri Central Park Park Management Co., Ltd.


Research, Planning/Basic Concept, design, layout, Sign/Graphic concept design, architectural design, design administration, interior administration, furniture and fixture manufacturing, environmental features, interior execution, building execution, operation, management, public relations, Planning and operation of community participation events


"57th Japan Sign concept design Award" Kansai Region Award
"42nd Display Industry Awards 2023" Encouragement Award (1.Culture/Public Facilities Category)
"Japan Spatial concept design Award 2023" LongList (09.Public life/communication space)


The contents of the publication are the information at the time of facility opening. Please see the facility website for the latest information.

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