Renewal of Yamanashi Prefectural Mount Fuji World Heritage Center


The Mount Fuji World Heritage Center, which preserves the value of Mount Fuji, a World Heritage Site as "an object of worship and a source of artistic inspiration," for future generations, was renovated in the spring of 2022.
The renovated facility now provides easy-to-understand explanations of the abundant displays, as well as panel displays and experiential content that allow visitors to understand the charms of Mt. Fuji in a more enjoyable way.

In order to effectively communicate to visitors, including many from overseas, that Mount Fuji is "an object of worship and a source of artistic inspiration," we created an displays guide using the "Fuji Guide" displays guide system, which combines a spatial experience linked to smartphones and tablets with built-in multilingual (7 languages) commentary and audio commentary.
"World Heritage Mt. Fuji VR," which can be experienced in 360° with VR goggles, follows the path of faith that was once walked by pilgrims from Misaka Pass, which has also been depicted in ukiyo-e, to the summit of Mt. Fuji. The aim was to create content that would allow viewers to learn more about Mt. Fuji through dynamic perspectives that cannot normally be seen, and that would make them want to visit the site.

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Since its completion in 2016, there have been issues with the limited displays materials and lack of explanatory text for overseas visitors due to the fact that the exhibits are hands-on. We received requests to make displays exhibits easier to understand and convey their appeal through this renewal.

displays graphics have been rearranged to make them easier to understand, missing information has been added to the explanatory text, and the panels have been arranged with consideration for displays route, providing a gentler route.
displays guide system has made all existing apps available on a web browser and is multilingual, making the explanations easy to understand even for people with different cultural backgrounds. In addition, the use of 3D maps and 360-degree still image content has made the content more experiential. From an operational standpoint, a CMS (content management system) has been built that is easy to operate, making it possible to easily respond to any revisions to the explanations.
The VR production involves content that follows the path of faith along Mount Fuji in VR, and uses immersive footage shot by a drone and a simultaneous playback system that takes operational aspects into consideration.

<Our project members>
[Sales/Project Management] Maria Uemura
[Digital Contents Planning] Hiroyoshi Mima, Aya Watanabe, Saiki Kanehara, Saki Miyahara, Minori Hayashi
[design, layout] Kaori Akazawa
[Production and construction] Akinobu Takahashi
[System design and construction] Ayaka Kanehara, Minori Hayashi

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