TOKYO SKYTREE® 4th floor (ticket counter, SKYTREE® ARCHIVES, Sumidagawa digital picture scroll)


As Tokyo Skytree marks its 10th anniversary since its opening in 2021, the company has renovated the fourth floor, the entrance floor, with the aim of creating an easy-to-understand entrance path for customers and preventing the spread of COVID-19 by reducing the number of face-to-face ticket sales counters.
As part of the renovation, the existing ticket counter was relocated, and a new displays area called "SKYTREE® ARCHIVES" was opened on July 1, 2021. The new area introduces the history of the surrounding area, including the Oshiage district where Tokyo Skytree is located, and the role of the radio tower in a chronological format through videos and photographs. The "Sumida River Digital Picture Scroll," which was on displays on the first floor group floor, has been relocated to this area. We were responsible for design, layout, and construction of the new ticket counter, "SKYTREE® ARCHIVES," and "Sumida River Digital Picture Scroll." We have also been supporting the creation of the space at Tokyo Skytree Town® (Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Solamachi®) since it opened in 2012.

[Social issues/customer issues/requests]
・The ticket counter is the first place visited by many people, both from Japan and overseas. Therefore, we received requests for it to be easy for anyone to understand, to have affinity with environmental design, and to improve hospitality and service.
・For "SKYTREE® ARCHIVES," we were asked to display large-scale images, a historical timeline, and actual displays in a limited space, and to create concept design and displays method that would interest customers and be easy to understand.


・To make the ticket counter's presence easy to understand, we placed it facing the 4th floor entrance and gave it a calm, traditional concept design that fits in with the environment. We also installed an easy-to-see sign at the top and used indirect lighting to illuminate the cut glass decorative material on the back of the counter, making it easy to understand even from a distance.
・For "SKYTREE® ARCHIVES," relevant parties conducted on-site mockup checks to verify the color and size of the graphics, the placement of displays, the lighting plan, and other aspects to ensure the most ideal form was achieved. It has become a "learning space" for visitors to learn about Tokyo Skytree and the surrounding area, and to enjoy the view from Tokyo Skytree, which stands on top of that history. In addition, by arranging all the pictures in the "Sumida River Digital Picture Scroll" in a continuous manner, the continuity of the picture scroll is emphasized, resulting in a more powerful content.

The combined effect of these efforts is to smoothly guide passengers from "SKYTREE® ARCHIVES" near the main entrance to the ticket counter and then to the departure gate (the elevator to the observation deck), creating an uplifting feeling and making the view from the observation deck even more captivating.

<Our project members>
[Sales/Project Management] Yukinori Hashida, Hiroki Nekoda
[concept design] Wakako Hirata, Tomoya Sato
[Produced by] Shota Nara, Yasuhiko Oikawa, Ryota Sakurai, Kaoru Wada

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Tobu Tower Skytree Co., Ltd.


design, layout, interior execution

The contents of the publication are the information at the time of facility opening. Please see the facility website for the latest information.

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