Nagoya City Science Museum Aichi-Nagoya Nobel Laureate Memorial Room


Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City jointly opened this museum in the basement of the Life Science displays, as well as to convey their backgrounds, personalities, and messages to visitors. It is a hybrid space with movable unit displays, and when all the movable unit exhibits are moved and stored and the roll-back chairs are deployed, it becomes a hall with seating for approximately 200 people. Our company was in charge of the basic concept and basic plan for this facility, as well as facility renovation, displays design, and displays production and installation work. (Production contents included unit production, lighting and audio equipment, video software and hardware, models, sign graphics, etc.)

Nagoya City Science Museum Life Science Building: SRC structure, 6F above ground/2F B1, total floor space 6,816.13m², displays area (5 rooms in total) approx. 2,500u (including the memorial room on B2F approx. 300u)

[Social issues/customer issues/requests]
1) A "hybrid renovation design" that enables the hall (auditorium) and displays room to be converted into different functions in a short period of time.
2) To "displays" the personality of the award winner and their passion for science, in a way that is distinct from displays at universities and research facilities, and to "create an experience-based device" for the content of the award-winning research as displays at a science museum.
We received the above two requests.

Regarding ①: We have adopted wall-mounted seating (roll-back chairs), provided a self-propelled displays booth and storage space, and adopted a scene dimming manager that can be used for a variety of purposes.
Regarding ②: We directly interviewed the award winners, turned their real answers and information into content, and thoroughly analyzed the contents of their award-winning research to create experiences and games that extract playful elements.

【customer's voice】
The following words were received at the opening:
・There are many Nobel Prize displays rooms all over Japan, but this displays gives the best insight into the prizes awarded! (Professor Hiroshi Amano)
- As a Nobel Prize displays, it is packed with unique ideas, allowing children to have fun while learning about the winners and their research. (Chief Curator of the Science Museum)

<Our project members>
[Sales/Project Management] Akihiko Suganuma, Maika Ueda
[Creative Direction] Hideki Narita
[Content Production Direction] Mao Horii
[Research and Planning] Hajime Watanabe, Naoko Nakase, Mao Horii, Nozomi Fukao, Miwako Kiuchi
[concept design] Mitsuyo Ashida, Yoichi Honda
[Facility renovation design] Sakae Kirioka, Yoichi Kawakami
[Production and construction] Hironari Ota, Yoshiyuki Ando, Satoshi Iwama

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Research, planning, design, layout, sign and graphic concept design, design administration, environmental features, exhibit execution, interior execution

The contents of the publication are the information at the time of facility opening. Please see the facility website for the latest information.

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