1991, exactly 30 years ago. River City 21 East Towers is a pioneer of Tokyo waterfront development and was completed as a prototype of a tower-type high-rise condominium that emphasizes the view.

The location is in Tsukuda 2-chome, Chuo-ku, and although the nearest station is Tsukishima Station, it is an excellent location environment with smooth access from Tokyo Station and Ginza Station, and is an area with a diverse range of tenants.
In the Edo period, it was also called Ishikawajima, and you can feel the history of the Showa era everywhere, such as the food culture unique to Tsukishima and the shopping streets with the downtown atmosphere in the modern townscape, and a unique culture has been formed even in Tokyo.

This project was planned for the purpose of large-scale renovation of a group of condominiums (four buildings), including public vacant lots, acceptance of new tenants, and new increase in asset value.

In order to solve the client's problems, we came up with a new concept, "1.5 Place," which means creating a second place function and a third place time around the first place, which is the client's home. We also conducted and analyzed a survey of residents to verify that there was no discrepancy between the new rooms and spatial functions and the direction of concept design.

In particular, to meet the needs of residents, which became clear from the survey analysis, we not only improved the functionality of the entrance, meeting rooms, lounges, etc., but also planned co-working spaces that anticipate diverse ways of living, working, and gathering, and places that encourage communication. This created a "highly social and altruistic space" and a "space whose value increases over time," which not only improved resident satisfaction but also led to the creation of new attractions.

We also made proposals from the perspective of the SDGs, and instead of simply solving the generally-discussed question of how to create a sustainable economy and society, we understood the location and user perspective of this project, and were able to give meaning to concept design concept and materials while also taking into consideration factors that influence the living environment, such as tradition, culture, and climate, in order to realize a solution that was appropriate for this property.
To realize these solutions, each section of our company worked together as one, making full use of our capabilities in design, layout planning, research, promotion, and construction, allowing us to respond quickly and accurately to our customers' requests.

<Our project members>
[Developer] Takuya Kitai, Kayu Tatsumi
[Sales/Project Promotion] Kayu Tatsumi, Midori Nakayabu
[Research and analysis] Sayuri Murata, Ai Ichikawa
[General Direction] No.10: Keita Aono
[design, layout] No.10: Naoaki Yokoyama, Gen Tomita, Mayu Araki, Asuka Tomioka
[Sign and Graphic Direction] No.10: Asuka Tomioka
[Product Management] Manabu Fukuda, Takashi Arai
[Facility Design] Takaya Ota
[Production, construction and site supervision] Takashi Arai, Katsumi Konda, Kyosuke Sasa

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AXA Investment Managers Inc., Kenedix Inc., Kenedix Investment Partners Inc.


Research, planning, design, layout, sign and graphic concept design, environmental design, interior administration, environmental features, building execution, operation, management

The contents of the publication are the information at the time of facility opening. Please see the facility website for the latest information.

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