“CHOOSEBASE SHIBUYA” is the first media-type OMO store (*) in the department store business format opened by Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd. The purpose is to create a new retail business through collaboration with the D2C brand, which has fully renewed the Seibu Shibuya store parking building 1F and is supported by millennials and generation Z.

Customers who visit the store can enjoy a new shopping experience that combines online and offline on their smartphones in an immersive space. This time, the EC site will be opened at the same time as the real store, and a new shopping service will be proposed, including a sales format in which products purchased online can be received at the store. Using cutting-edge technology such as AI cameras, we also provide store owners with data that can be used for test marketing, product planning, and service improvement.

* OMO store = A store format in which customer, product, and inventory information is unified between stores and EC

This is a new business venture that was launched from the idea that creating a place where a new generation of customers can encounter new brands is a new way of running a department store.
While this is a media-type OMO store that utilizes the latest technology to amplify the editing power that is unique to department stores through the power of technology, we aimed to create a worldview with plenty of room for creativity, based on the keyword "editing" that is unique to department stores, so that it can be a place where people can experience a human way of consumption that is not too dependent on technology.

The entire store is structured with two thick lines crossing each other, tapering slightly from each entrance towards the crossroads, enhancing the sense of immersion. Four areas called "BASE" are adjacent to the crossroads, and each area is given its own unique material character within a common worldview.
Taking advantage of the existing characteristics of the semi-basement with low ceilings, the assorted colors of the blue painted floor, which deliberately removes warmth from the monochromatic world of desaturation, create a "slight sense of incongruity" and hint at the future.
The two corridors are lined with organically curved lines of light that draw you deeper, and the tin panels with a silver to blue gradation are reminiscent of a blue moment, providing a special experience while creating the playfulness that is unique to the location.

<Our project members>
[Sales/Project Management] Hironari Sakimoto
[concept design and Basic Planning] No.10: Nao Kameda, Shohei Suzuki, Jun Watanabe
[schematic design, working drawings, and interior administration] No. 10: Nao Kameda, Shohei Suzuki, and Jun Watanabe
[Production and construction] Yasushi Watamoto, Katsuhiko Kurokawa

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Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd.


design, layout, design supervision, building execution


"Japan Space concept design Award 2022" Longlist (04. Shop Space)
Sky Design Awards 2022 Short List (Interior Design category)
"iF Design Awards 2023" (Interior Architecture category)

The contents of the publication are the information at the time of facility opening. Please see the facility website for the latest information.

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