Introduction of "Nomura Sensory Friendly Project" partners who deliver sensory friendly spaces to various facilities and people

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J-League Matsumoto Yamaga FC "Sensory Room" installed on a trial basis in July and August 2023
J-League Matsumoto Yamaga FC "Sensory Room" installed on a trial basis in July and August 2023

Since 2021, NOMURA Co., Ltd. has been working on "social good activities" to create happiness in people's spaces that will last into the future, aiming to solve social issues in the four activity areas of environment, region, culture, and people.
One of our social good activities, R&D (Research and Development), which was launched in 2022, is working to create new value by balancing social issue resolution and business feasibility. Among the seven themes of R&D, one of the efforts of "Inclusion & Art" is to provide a safe and secure environment for people who have difficulty going out for various reasons or who have given up on the experience of going out. We are working to create a comfortable space.

In October 2022, at the Fukuoka PayPay Dome, we created a space for people with hypersensitivity and their families to enjoy watching sports games with peace of mind.
Currently, the number of consultations from people who sympathize with and support the activities of this project is increasing, and we are accompanying the demonstration experiment. In order to further develop these activities, we have set up a specialized team in the R&D "Inclusion & Art", formed partnerships with researchers, people concerned, and experts, and in conjunction with space creation, conducted survey research such as person questionnaires and interviews, and experienced equipment.・We are also promoting the development of concept design items.

Together with our partners, this initiative will not only be limited to sports viewing facilities, but also commercial, public, entertainment, etc., so that everyone can Delight and Passion through activities to space creation that will not give up on the experience. We will promote social good activities toward the realization of a symbiotic society where we can enjoy


■Joint Research/Partners/Advisors
NOMURA Social Good R&D "Inclusion & Art" is working with various partners to develop art programs for inclusive concept design, community creation and revitalization, etc. for the realization of a symbiotic society, including the sensory project. doing.

【Joint research】
Associate Professor Ginga Sasaki, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Ph.D.

Specialized fields: developmental disabilities, support for students with disabilities, assistive technology, organizational behavior management, child welfare

The laboratory "SuccessAbility Lab." aims to build a society without disabilities by ensuring equal access for people with social disabilities and clarifying the conditions and methods that bring about self-realization (success). there is
We are verifying the effectiveness of sensory rooms for people with developmental disabilities.


[Creative Partner]
Ms. Atsuko Hashimoto, Representative Director of Snoezelen Lab

Spreading snoezelen and sensory rooms in Japan from both the sensibility of art and the theory of psychology. Practicing content creation, planning and development that various children can enjoy together while taking into consideration the learning aspect according to their development.


Mr. Michiei Kato, Director of Sensory Hypersensitivity Research Institute

Representative Director of Crystal Road Co., Ltd. Director of Sensory Hypersensitivity Research Institute
In January 2020, he established the Hypersensitivity Research Institute in order to solve the problem of "hypersensitivity", which is his problem. Aiming to create a society that is kind to the five senses, we are focusing on awareness of hypersensitivity, development and sales of countermeasure products and services, and research on hypersensitivity.



Dr. Hiroshi Murakami, Shinshu University School of Medicine
Shinshu University School of Medicine Perinatal Mental Medicine Course Lecturer and Shinshu University Hospital Perinatal Mental Outpatient Department.
We specialize in mental health support for expectant mothers and fathers and treatment of mental disorders, and proceed with treatment in close cooperation with our obstetrics and gynecology department, pediatrics department, psychiatry department, and genetic medicine research center that conducts prenatal diagnosis. ing.


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