TBS has an area concept of ``Shake the World. AKASAKA'', and in 2028, TBS will develop the ``Akasaka 2-chome/6-chome area redevelopment plan'' and the existing areas (TBS Broadcasting Center, Akasaka). Sacas, TBS Akasaka BLITZ Studio, TBS Akasaka ACT Theater, Akasaka Biz Tower) are now in operation and are being completed. As the third step, ``Akasaka BLITZ'', which has delivered a variety of content as a live space, will be renovated as ``BLITZ Studio'' exclusively for TV program production. There is an displays space in collaboration with popular programs on the first floor, and a viewing space for the program studio on the third floor.

In this project, in the foyer of the front space of "BLITZ Studio" and the staircase leading to the studio on the third floor, there will be a facility attraction monument that will contribute to the revival of the vitality of Akasaka, which was lost due to the coronavirus pandemic, and a gallery where you can feel the history from the opening to the present. I planned, concept design, and produced it.

The monument embodies the connection between TBS and viewers, and at the same time, from the perspective of SDGs, it proposed a recycling-oriented society by creatively reusing 1.4 tons of viewing and broadcasting equipment and materials scheduled for disposal. The staircase that follows is a flow line that connects the gallery that traces the changes in viewing media over TBS's 70 years to the studio, creating a space where you can experience TBS from its opening to the present day all at once.


In order to revive Akasaka, which has lost a lot of foot traffic due to the coronavirus, to a lively and bright town, and to help people get to know TBS and fall in love with TBS, TBS is inviting visitors to Akasaka to freely visit the facility. There was a need to create a space where people could learn about the program and history of the city.


・By creating a monument (object) as the face of the "New Akasaka BLITZ", we will provide visitors with surprises and tricks that will make them want to enter the facility. Furthermore, at the end of the grand staircase that extends from underground Akasaka Station, a monument will stand tall in the center, and is designed to become the new face of Akasaka.

・In order to intuitively understand TBS's 70th anniversary, displays the historical changes in viewing media from radio and CRT television to modern television and smartphones. We also displays the history of TBS's company name logo, which is linked to this, and designed a staircase that connects to the studio where TV production is being made in real time, tracing the history of TBS.

Based on these two designs, we created a space that utilizes equipment that connected TBS and viewers, as well as products and materials used in TV production. After opening, it has been used for events and TV programs, contributing to the revival of the vitality of Akasaka, which has lost its liveliness due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The “viewing and broadcasting equipment and materials scheduled for disposal” that have connected people with TBS will take on a new form and connect broadcast stations, communities, and people.

Customer's voice

I think we have completed a monument that is suitable as the symbol of the "BLITZ Studio" foyer. Thank you very much for your very thorough response.

project member
Shinobu Kido
Sales and project management
Masahiro Nishino
Design and Layout
CIC (*): Kazuma Suzuki
CIC: Yusuke Saito
Production and Construction
Shunsuke Shimizu, Jun Endo, Toshiaki Hatada
Basic information





TBS Television Co., Ltd.


Planning, design, layout planning, interior execution


"Japan Space concept design Award 2023" LongList (03.Entertainment & Creative Art Space)
"57th Japan Sign concept design Award" Bronze Prize
"42nd Display Industry Awards 2023" Encouragement Award (5. Promotion/Direction Category)

*CIC (Content Integration Center: fantasy implementation group)

Based on a deep understanding of content, NOMURA 's creative team converts exciting "fantasy" into new experiential value and "implements" it in every space and society.


The contents of the publication are the information at the time of facility opening. Please see the facility website for the latest information.

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