Nomura has been providing support to clients
as a partner of achieving business success

DNA since foundation- Creating and vitalizing "Space" providing emotion to people

  • Since our foundation in 1892, Nomura has been providing space that delivers delight and emotion.
  • We are specialists at creating space that realizes our client's idea.
  • We offer a wide range of support from the production of space to its operation.

Clients' perspective- Creating an idea from our customer's perspective to produce the “Power of Space”

Creation business

We want to produce a 
bustling space to attract customers

We have various know-how.

  • Creating attractive space
  • Research/planning that grasps our clients' needs
  • Consulting services
We want to convey a 
message within a “space”

We have the largest number of creators
in the industry who design “Communication”

  • More that 620 planners and designers
  • Provide versatile ideas
  • Plan space production as a communication tool
We want to enhance the value of cultural and academic facilities

We strive forward with a comprehensive power of results and experiences

  • 129 years of results and experience
  • Plan a concept with story
  • Realize exhibitions that are "First in Japan" or "First in the world"

Vitalization business

We want to commission
operations to experts

We have many operation and management professionals

  • Effective operation and management
  • Highly accurate maintenance
  • Produce saleable museum goods

Strength of comprehensive power- Solutions upholding a high client satisfaction rate

  • More than 11,000 projects yearly
  • Repeat client rate is approximately 80%
  • Totally support all areas from research to operation

Research and planning

  • Basic concept
  • Consulting


  • Basic Planning
  • Working Drawings


  • Design management
  • Ordering management


  • Event operation
  • Repair/maintenance
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