Creation business

We want to produce a bustling space to attract customers

Creation of a space attracting customers that leads
to our client's business success
We are producing spaces that create a new bustling atmosphere. We also have the know-how to evoke in visitors' feelings of "fun" and "I want to come again," as well as to continue their bustling. We help our clients to achieve business success from a long-term perspective.

Support of all projects from specialty shops to large commercial facilitiesBy considering ideas with clients, we will produce a unique new space that has not existed before. Including facility concept planning, facility brand development (naming, development of logo/graphic/VI), etc., we properly support our clients in all areas related to space creation for a brand's flag ship store, multi-store development, large sized commercial facilities, etc.

We want to convey a message within a "space"

What is required is a space as
a “Communication tool”

How do you accurately convey a message to stakeholders? To achieve this, it is effective to utilize
a space as a “Communication tool” that can share experiences through the five senses and can be felt
on an emotional level.
We will convey our client's message through the real emotion.


Space creation know-how that accurately expresses the message our clients want to convey

We formulate a plan by completely understanding our client's corporate message and product concept to create corporate publicity spaces, including showrooms, corporate museums, exhibition booths, etc., with an attractive design and proper construction accuracy. We have obtained high appraisal from our clients regarding our know-how in conveying messages, such as "Superior display planning skills", "Presentation skills and high quality expression expertise", "excellent total production skills", etc.

Comprehensive abilities to convey "Aspiration" through events and ceremonies

We have worked on many event plans and operations at the requests of government agencies. We will undertake all operations, including preparations for the opening (adjustments with government agencies and related persons, and coordination for the contents of ceremony) and the setting up/direction/operation for the day as well as operating the event on behalf of our clients.

We want to enhance the value of cultural and academic facilities

Bringing out a new attractiveness from facilities through cultural and academic projects

We will proceed projects aiming at conveying the theme of an exhibition or exhibition contents accurately, pleasantly and simply. We have cultivated know-how
to further enhance the charm of facilities by years
of involvements in producing many cultural and
academic facilities.

In order to evoke in visitors feelings of “fun”,
and “I want to come again.”

A scheme is required to simply, effectively and in an attractive fashion convey the latest topics at a cultural and academic facility, such as museums, art galleries, science museums, etc., to a wide ranged of visitors, including children and senior citizens. It is not uncommon to specifically produce a new exhibition facility, and we have realized innovative exhibitions for cultural and academic facilities that are a "First in Japan" or a "First in the world".

Maintaining and enhancing the charms
of facilities through detailed operation
and management on behalf of clients

We do not only produce new facilities or exhibitions but also undertake operations/management representation for existing museums. We execute operations for after-sales services thoroughly,
from gathering customers to maintenance.

Vitalization business

We want to commission operations to experts

Maintain high quality space as well as work
on “Vitalization”

We will not only undertake the operation/management
of museums but also the stage direction and
the commissioned operation of entire booths. We can not only support events in Japan but also completely support from presentations to exhibitions held overseas, including for example an exhibition in Milano-Salone
and motor shows in various countries.

We were glad to receive feedback from our clients,
“The number of repeaters increased.”, “The number
of visitors who came sight-seeing from distant places increased and surrounding areas were revitalized.” Partnership with us is now creating firm responses
of vitalization throughout the nation.

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