Established in 1892, we have brought people delight and passion throughout each era since our early work with chrysanthemum doll displays in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Our work in space creation and vitalization has brought excitement and drawn crowds throughout each successive age.



As a professional producer of spaces that attract customers, we provide support for exhibitions and fairs, commercial, corporate and cultural facilities, and international business expansion. Our market is growing broader every year.

  • Planners and Designers


    We have a unique framework allowing us to provide tailored services from research, planning and drafting to design. Our team of creators draw on a wealth of inspirations and originality to provide fresh ideas and top-notch designs.

  • Product Directors


    The secret to our consistently high quality is our long years of creation experience, up-to-the-moment technology and knowledge, and the way our team members are constantly refining and passing on their skills. We also take the utmost care to ensure that our operations are safe and environmentally friendly.

  • Clients


    We have reached the top of the display industry by providing services that go beyond space creation. We dig deeper to accurately ascertain our clients’ needs and current trends, then provide a wide range of services to leave our clients satisfied.

  • Repeat Client Rate


    This is the percentage of net sales from customers who order work from us every year. These results are proof of our customers’ strong trust in the NOMURA Group, and is a point of pride with us.

  • Net Sales

    143.6billion yen

    In 2019, the consolidated net sales for the NOMURA Group were 143.689 billion yen, with 11.086 billion yen in operating income, 11.242 billion yen in ordinary income and 7.795 billion yen in net income attributable to owners of parent

*Numbers are for the entire NOMURA Group.
*Figures for the number of contracted projects per year, the percentage of net sales from repeat customers and the number of clients exclude some group companies that have different business formats.

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