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Nomura Co., Ltd., is one of Japan’s foremost designers, constructors, operators, and managers of architectural spaces. Our work covers a diverse range of purposes, including commercial complexes, shopping centers, specialty facilities, museums, leisure complexes, event sites, and public spaces.


Name NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Representative Shuji Enomoto, Representative Director, President and CEO
Head office 2-3-4 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-8622, Japan
Phone: +81-3-5962-1171
Japan Office
Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Naha
Overseas Office
Hong Kong, Milan, New York, Beijing※, Shanghai※, Chengdu※, Shenzhen※, Singapore※
( ※ Nomura Group Office Locations)
Established March 15, 1892
Incorporated December 9, 1942
Paid-in Capital 6.497 billion yen (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section)
Employees Total no. of NOMURA GROUP employees (including contract workers): 2,594
Non-consolidated: NOMURA Co., Ltd. 1,360 (regular employees)
Consolidated: NOMURA GROUP 2,004 (regular employees)
Business Research, consulting, planning, design, layout, creation, and construction to create facilities
that attract visitors, as well as revitalization, operation, and management of various facilities
and events
・Specialty Stores: Retail shops, restaurants, services, medical facilities
・Department Stores and Merchandise Stores
・Commercial Complexes and Shopping Centers
・Public Relations and Sales Promotion: Showrooms, company museums, exhibitions, POP advertising, novelties
・Museums: Science museums, memorial halls, archives, local museums, art galleries
・Leisure Facilities: Hotels and wedding halls, theme parks, amusement parks and facilities, sports facilities
・Expositions and Creative Events: International expos, domestic expos, trade fairs, exhibitions, conference events
・Others: Public spaces, monuments and signs, decorations, workplaces
Licenses and
1.Special Construction Licenses (construction engineering, interior finishing, steel construction work, scaffolding/construction work, electrical work, carpentry work, plumbing work, plastering work, roofing work, reinforcement steel work, glazing work, waterproofing work, fittings construction work, masonry work, tile/brick/block construction work, sheet metal construction work, painting work, heat insulation work, demolition projects)
2.Registered Architect Offices (Tokyo, Osaka)
3.Building Lot and Building Trade Business
4.Security Services
Certification ISO 9001 certification(as of last day of July,2018)
※NOMURA Co., Ltd.(except overseas bases, A.N.D. Aoyama office)
ISO 14001 certification(as of last day of July,2018)
※NOMURA Co., Ltd.(except overseas bases, A.N.D. Aoyama office)C's•three Co., Ltd.
PrivacyMark certification
Licensed staff NOMURA GROUP
118 first-class registered architects,
295 first-class building operation and management engineers
(As of May 27, 2021)
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