A history of 120 years

Producer of spaces that attract customers since our founding in 1892.

NOMURA Co., Ltd. has been working on the prosperous development of its clients' business since its founding.
Thanks to the concern and help from everyone, NOMURA Group celebrated its 120 years anniversary in 2012.
In future, NOMURA Group will continue to challenge with all of its might to become the most reliable partner of its clients.

History Timeline

1892 Founding of Nomura
Early 1900s Founder Taisuke Nomura creates a large-scale mechanism for displaying chrysanthemum
dolls, a popular pastime during that era.
Late 1920s Nomura produces exhibits at expositions and events at department stores.
1942 Reorganized as an incorporated public company.
1945 Name changed to NOMURA Co., Ltd.
1946 Opened the Osaka Branch Office (completed company building in Namba Shinchi) and began operations.
1954 Contracted to work on the 1st All Japan Motor Show (now known as the Tokyo Motor Show)
1966 Head office relocated to Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
1970 NOMURA works on themed pavilions, government pavilions, and other major pavilions
at the Japan World Exposition (Expo '70).
1971 Sapporo Office opened (now Hokkaido Branch).
1974 Fukuoka Office opened (now Kyushu Branch).
1978 Northern Japan Division opened (now Tohoku Branch).
1984 GIKEN KOUGEI Co., Ltd. (now NOMURA PRODUCTS Co., Ltd.) becomes a subsidiary through
a stock transfer.
Shinkiba Studio built (now Shinkiba Office).
1985 Hiroshima Office opened (now Chugoku/Shikoku Branch).
NOMURA works on major theme pavilions, the American pavilion and other major pavilions
at the International Exposition, Tsukuba, Japan (Expo '85).
1986 Opened the Nagoya Sales Office (currently the Chubu Branch)
1989 Registered with the Japan Securities Dealers Association (OTC-registered stocks).
1991 NOMURA Co., Ltd. stocks listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1992 100th anniversary
NODE Co., Ltd. established.
1994 NOMURA SERVICE Co., Ltd. established (now C’s•three Co., Ltd.).
1995 Institute of Cultural Environments established.
NOMURA TECHNO Co., Ltd. established.
1996 NOMURA DUO Co., Ltd. established.
1998 NOMURA DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. established.
2004 NOMURA (Beijing) Co., Ltd. ※2 established..
2005 NOMURA Co., Ltd. stocks listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
(Removed from NOMURA Group's scope of consolidation as a sunsidiary company following the transfer of all of its shares.)
NOMURA works on Japanese government pavilion and other major pavilions
at the Expo 2005 Aichi Japan (Expo 2005).
2006 NOMURA accredited to use PrivacyMark.
Entire company receives ISO14001 certification.
TESCO Co., Ltd. becomes a subsidiary (now awholly-owned subsidiary)through stocks acquired through apublic tender offer.
2008 Head office relocated to Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Okinawa Office opened.
Entire company receives ISO9001 certification.
2011 NOMURA COMS Co., Ltd. and NOMURA GIKEN Co., Ltd. merge to form NOMURA
PRODUCTS Co.,Ltd. established.
2012 120th anniversary
2014 RIKUYOSHA Co., Ltd. becomes a subsidiary (now a wholly-owned subsidiary)
through stocks acquired through a public tender offer.
2015 Rikuyosha Co., Ltd. and the Institute of Cultural Environments merge, maintaining the name Rikuyosha Co., Ltd.
2016 Square Co.,Ltd. established. becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary through stock acquisition.
NODE SHANGHAI Co.,Ltd.established.
2017 Opened the Kyoto Sales Office
TNP Co.,Ltd. established.
Relocated the Osaka Sales Office to Namba, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
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