Thank you as always for your continued support.

The main theme of the NOMURA GROUP's medium-term management plan is to be "a company chosen by society."
This three-year plan was launched in fiscal 2020, but with the severe impacts and changes to the business environment triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have spent the last year re-evaluating what value the spaces that we create deliver to society.
In the "new normal" life post-COVID-19, or as we adjust to living with COVID-19, and with the digital world advancing further into our environments, how spaces themselves are conceived will undergo transformation.

Looking ahead, spaces' potential to create new value and further deepen social engagement, namely through their power to create shared emotional experiences among people with diverse values and bring them together, their power to revitalize cities and local communities and spark changes for the better, and their power to pass down history and collective memory to nurture feelings of connection and culture, will become increasingly important.

As professionals in spatial creation and activation, we have a mission to accurately interpret the changing expectations and needs of society and continue offering technologies, services, and new added value corresponding to these changes.
And then, through this new value creation, we aim to be a company able to make even greater contributions to society, and will make furthering reforms in the areas of work styles, employment diversification, and human capital development a priority strategy.
In order to grow as a company that offers greater job satisfaction and to transform into a company aligned with the new society, we at NOMURA GROUP position fiscal 2021 as a pivotal year of challenge to spark definitive action.

To provide new value as only we can through our spatial creation and become a company chosen by society, we will make contributions to realizing a brighter world that is sustainable and filled with delight and passion.

I ask for your continued support as we look to this future.

Shuji Enomoto
Representative Director, President and CEO
NOMURA Co., Ltd.

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