We have made it our mission to bring people delight and passion ever since we were first established in 1892.

Our job is to bring business success to our clients, and dreams and excitement to the consumers and everyday people who visit our clients’ premises.
That means we must be a space creation and vitalization company that combines era-brightening creativity with the comprehensive power of the NOMURA to create great spaces, then attracts crowds to fill them.

In June 2018, we concluded an agreement to be the Official Supporter of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 in the “Design, Engineering and Construction Services for Interior Spaces and Exhibition Spaces” category.
Looking to the start of the Tokyo 2020 Games, all of us at NOMURA will achieve new personal bests in our powers of creation in line with the basic concept and offer spaces that integrate diversity from inside and outside Japan and will be passed down as tangible and intangible legacies for the future.

We work closely with our clients, with an eye on the consumers and everyday people they serve, creating new value that solves our customers’ issues and continually challenging ourselves to maximize the appeal of each place to the greatest degree possible.

Our aim is to take one sure step after another down the road to being a "Prosperity Partner" that earns our clients’ trust in every possible way.

Shuji Enomoto
President and CEO
NOMURA Co., Ltd.

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