Motivating people working in Namba. Announcement of the opening of "Namba 100 People Kaigi"

Press release

Ikeda Senshu Holdings Co., Ltd. (President: Jun Ugawa), Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (President: Nobuyuki Okashima), and NOMURA Co., Ltd. (President: Kiyotaka Okumoto) are working to increase the motivation of people with ties to Namba and to improve the town. We will start "Namba 100 People Kaigi" with the aim of fostering a community that fosters a sense of attachment. The memorable first event will be held on February 29th (Thursday).
■What is “100 people Kaigi”?
It started in Minato-ku, Tokyo in January 2016, and as of February 2024, it has been held in 90 areas nationwide (including scheduled events).
A community that loosely connects people, starting with 100 people working in the city, and aims to rediscover the nature and value of cities.
is. The rules are simple,

“Every time, we listen to stories from 5 guests who are doing interesting activities that are familiar to them.”
“We will disband when the number of guests reaches 100”

By experiencing the way of life of 100 people, you will see the usual scenery a little differently.


Related information

Date and time

Thursday, February 29, 2024 19:00-21:00


GUTSU GUTSU (Ikeda Senshu Bank Namba Branch [Namba Skyo 1st floor])

guest speaker

5 people with connections to Namba *The names will be announced on the website below around February 16th.
Namba 100 people Kaigi website

Entry fee

1,000 yen

Application for participation

“Namba (Namba) 100 people Kaigi” Peatix


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