NOMURA will exhibit “SCRAPTURE”, an upcycle of industrial waste into recycled furniture, at “DESIGNART TOKYO 2023”

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NOMURA will exhibit ``Toward Our Future - SCRAP MATERIAL UPCYCLE PROJECT - SCRAPTURE'' at ``DESIGNART TOKYO 2023'' to be held from October 20th to 29th, 2023. "SCRAPTURE" is an upcycling activity in which "FURNITURE" is used to supplement and displays "SCRAP" produced by building materials and interiors materials with which our company has a deep connection, and after displays, it is reused as recycled materials. This traveling displays will be the first opportunity for the general public to sit and experience the beauty and message of waste materials in a highly artistic presentation. We hope that this will be an opportunity to think about a better future and a sustainable society together, regardless of industry or positional boundaries.

Initiatives in circular concept design

NOMURA is working on upcycling all kinds of materials. “SCRAPTURE” is a conceptual furniture that focuses on the 373.82 million tons of industrial waste produced annually*, and the prototype was announced in 2022. Based on the theme of ``connecting from throwing away,'' we will use recycled vinyl to enclose and supplement pulverized waste materials in a transparent skin, and install it in everyday spaces as chairs for people to sit on. After touring offices and public spaces and displays for a certain period of time, the waste wood will be taken out and recycled as displays decoration materials such as tabletops. Furniture will be filled with new waste materials. We aim to realize a circular concept design that continues to add new value to waste materials within the space.
*Source: Ministry of the Environment “Total emissions in 2020”


Japan's largest concept design & art festival "DESIGNART TOKYO 2023" Exhibition overview

displays name: "Toward our future - SCRAP MATERIAL UPCYCLE PROJECT - SCRAPTURE"
displays period: October 20th (Friday) to October 29th (Sunday), 2023 *Free admission
Business hours: 11:00-19:00 (closes at 17:00 on October 23rd)
displays venue: GYRE.FOOD (GYRE 4th floor, 5-10-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / 4 minutes walk from Omotesando Station A1 exit)
Details:  DESIGNART TOKYO 2023 official exhibition overview 

Project members:

Ryusuke Nomura, Shinpei Takeda, Yuzo Kosaka, Nao Kameda, Naoto Ogawa, Shinsuke Uesugi, Junpei Hino, Reiko Ibe


List of cooperating companies:

Sangetsu Co., Ltd., Refineverse Co., Ltd., AGC Co., Ltd., Asadamesh Co., Ltd., GOOD DEAL COMPANY, K-Mew Co., Ltd., Okawara Mokuzai Co., Ltd., REMARE Co., Ltd. (in no particular order)


Creator's message:
“Media that expands the circle of co-creation from a radius of 3 meters to society”

``SCRAPTURE'' began with the desire to open up the company to society on the occasion of NOMURA 130th anniversary. First, we focused on interiors waste from areas close to us, and through interviews with partner companies and repeated trial and error, we created a practical and sustainable way to use waste materials that we don't normally see in a way that appeals to our emotions and memories. I made it into a piece of art furniture. As a way to convey a message that differs from the traditional scrap-and-build approach, we will upcycle and circulate waste materials into new interiors materials. At this exhibition, we hope to have as many people as possible experience the product and improve and evolve it while incorporating everyone's opinions.

Continue to DESIGNART TOKYO 2023 official interview


Photography: Reiji Okura, Usami Ryo

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DESIGNART TOKYO is one of Japan's largest concept design and art festivals, set in Tokyo, one of the world's leading mixed-culture cities, and features a variety of presentations on concept design, art, interior design, fashion, and more. This year, the seventh year, the theme is "Sparks - Liberation of Thought." In a society that has changed dramatically, innovative creations that release the discoveries and thoughts born within oneself will gather in the streets of Tokyo.


It's lush with greenery, the walls and floors are covered with soil, and there's even a vegetable garden on the terrace where vegetables and herbs grow. ` `GYRE.FOOD'' is an open space filled with the vitality of nature, where restaurants, cafes, deli & bars, grocery shops, and more share the concept of ``circulation.'' This is the first restaurant space designed by architect Tsuyoshi Tane in Japan.

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