Sunshine 60 Observatory Tenbo Park


The Sunshine 60 Observatory was built in 1978. In 2016, it was renewed as a "fun observatory", but in April 2023, it will be reopened as a new facility "Sunshine 60 Observatory Tenbo Park".
This facility was inspired by the "comfortable park with grass" in Toshima Ward, which has been promoting urban development centered on four parks, and is based on the concept of "an empty park" that you will want to visit again and again. We aimed to create a park-like facility that is comfortable and full of openness.
In Tenbo no Oka, the main area on the south side, where you can see the skyscrapers of Shinjuku and other views of the city center, the combination of mirrors and greenery creates a comfortable view space where you can feel a sense of openness and oneness with nature. increase. In addition, while relaxing on the artificial turf, swing-shaped benches, cushions with different heights, and net benches, you can enjoy the view that spreads out from each viewpoint and the changing scenery of the sky and clouds in your own way. .
As for the newly incorporated functions, we have newly established a high-speed space and a baby room, and we also provide baby food in the cafe, while being aware that even small children can enjoy themselves with peace of mind. By adjusting the scene of the scent, we have created an observatory for adults where you can experience the change of time with your five senses.
In addition, in the "event space" area on the north displays where the scenery of Mt. I'm here.


Three important points from the renewal planning stage are (1) closeness to the community, (2) variability, and (3) making the most of the original value of the 60th floor (view). We received a request that we would like to make a model park and attract customers as a facility that contributes to the community. In addition, we made it a task to create an event space to expand the target such as art events and seminars, centering on IP content, which is the characteristic of Ikebukuro, and reborn as a communication space that is easier to use according to the purpose.


We arranged gentle hills of artificial turf and various corners with different viewpoints to improve the view while overcoming the architectural weakness of making it difficult to approach the glass surface. In addition, in order to incorporate the realistic perspective of the child-raising generation, we conducted interviews both inside and outside the company, and by incorporating opinions gathered from coloring to functions, we realized a space that families would like to visit. In addition, by securing a sufficiently large event space and concept design the space outside of the event space to accommodate any type of content, we have created a space that will satisfy even customers looking for conventional IP content. I aimed.

project member
Sales and project management
Minami Hiramatsu
Hiroki Noda, Eri Morita, Chiharu Yamaguchi
Masakazu Kawai, Hideaki Nishibata
direction concept design
Tamae Takahashi
Design and Layout
Makino Mukaemachi, CIC (*1): Kazuma Suzuki, NOMLAB (*2): Hajime Oyamada
sign graphic concept design
Takashi Sano
AV system production and construction
CIC: Takumi Hibino
interiors decoration production and construction
Toshifumi Suzuki, Yuichi Enomoto, Nomura Arcs: Yuji Nishigata, Hiromi Takagi
Basic information





Sunshine City Co., Ltd.
Sunshine Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Research, planning, leasing, design, layout, sign/graphic concept design, environmental features, building execution, logo production, original BGM production, fragrance production


"Japan Space concept design Award 2023" ShortList (06.Large-scale commercial space (or complex facility space))
Selected for the 42nd Display Industry Award 2023 (2.Leisure/Tourist Facility Category)

*1 CIC (Content Integration Center: fantasy implementation group)

Based on a deep understanding of content, NOMURA 's creative team converts exciting "fantasy" into new experiential value and "implements" it in every space and society.

*2 NOMLAB (Nomura Open Innovation Lab)

A laboratory of NOMURA, which develops new areas of production and services that expand the possibilities of spatial experiences under the theme of "digital innovation x place creation".


The contents of the publication are the information at the time of facility opening. Please see the facility website for the latest information.

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