Roadside Station Kadena "Learning displays Room" Renewal


Roadside Station Kadena offers a panoramic view of Kadena Air Base, the largest US Air Force base in the Far East. This project is a renovation project of the "Learning displays Room" on the third floor of the building, which will be used as a "place of peace learning" for students on school trips and tourists, and as a "place of regional learning" for local people and children. I aimed to enrich it.

displays begins with a prologue that tells us that Kadena is truly a "base town," with 82% of the town occupied by U.S. military bases, and begins with a prologue that tells us that Kadena is truly a "base town," with 82% of the town area occupied by U.S. military bases. While tracing Kadena Town's history with bases from the Battle of Okinawa, which marked the beginning of base formation, to the era of U.S. military rule when bases were increasingly expanded, to the post-return, where the burden of bases continued, and up to the present day, The structure is designed to ask, "Why are the bases here? Why don't the bases disappear?"

With the keyword "There is a base in my town", interviews with people living in Kadena Town will be held as displays that unravels the existence of the base from the perspective of "me" and "my family" who have lived side by side with Kadena Air Base. We have introduced videos and manga explanations featuring ``me'' and ``my family.'' displays allow people to think about life in a base town while experiencing the noises and smells, and displays that allow visitors to place Kadena Air Base in their own town on a map to get a sense of its size. , we put some effort into it.


・We want to make many people aware of the fact that Okinawa Prefecture continues to be overburdened with U.S. military bases after the war, and also create a place where they can think about war and peace and learn about the history of the region through the existence of the bases. .
・We would like to enhance the site as a base for peace learning tourism, taking advantage of its ability to overlook the U.S. military base, and attract tourists, including students on school excursions.

We have received the above requests.


・Incorporating videos and manga explanations from the perspective of ``ordinary people'' living today, and creating a place where you can actually experience sounds and smells, etc., to address the heavy and difficult theme of base issues, which is often avoided. We have devised ways to draw everyone in and learn with interest and interest.

project member
Sales and project management
Satoshi Arai
Eri Saito
concept design
Yutaka Uehara, Yumi Ishii
NOMLAB (*): Aya Watanabe, Saki Miyahara
Koichiro Takahashi, Yuki Saiki, Yasutoshi Tanaka
Basic information



Okinawa Prefecture


Kadena Town


Planning/basic concept, sign/graphic concept design, working drawings, environmental features, exhibit execution, interior execution, building execution


“42nd Display Industry Awards 2023” Grand Prize (1.Culture/Public Facilities Category)

*NOMLAB (Nomura Open Innovation LAB)

A laboratory of NOMURA, which develops new areas of production and services that expand the possibilities of spatial experiences under the theme of "digital innovation x place creation".


The contents of the publication are the information at the time of facility opening. Please see the facility website for the latest information.

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