Corporate Governance

Basic Views

NOMURA constantly aims for the best possible corporate governance and is constantly taking actions to upgrade corporate governance.
The Company is dedicated to the transparency and fairness of making decisions from the standpoint of achieving sustained growth and long-term growth of corporate value. In addition, the Company believes that increasing the vitality of management by effectively utilizing resources and reaching decisions with speed and resolution is a key component of corporate governance. Numerous actions are taken to upgrade corporate governance based on the following basic views.

We respect the rights of shareholders and maintain equality for all shareholders.
We work with stakeholders, including shareholders, in a suitable manner that reflects their interests.
We disclose company information properly and ensure the transparency of this information.
The Board of Directors and Board of Auditors fulfill their roles and duties based on their fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders and responsibility to provide explanations.
We hold constructive dialogues with shareholders who have investment policies that are consistent with the medium to long-term interests of shareholders.

Corporate Governance Structure

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