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The home for Information about Japan’s Olympic Movement

Japanese Olympic Committee

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This facility was conceived as the home for information about the nation’s Olympic movement, a joint creation of the Japanese Olympic Committee, athletes, and the general public. Nomura was tasked to help plan, design, and create exhibits and images and videos that immerse visitors in the Olympic experience, informing them about the history and significance of the Games.

Olympic History, Part 1

Olympic History, Part 2

Experiencing athletic excellence

Untold stories about the Olympics

Commemorating Tokyo 1964

The ceiling louvers incorporate wood from more than 160 trees cultivated in Engaru, Hokkaido, from seeds that athletes in the Tokyo 1964 Olympics brought to Japan. These materials symbolize the enduring legacy of those games, underscored by Tokyo 2020’s message of “Unity in Diversity.” Wood from those trees has been used extensively in chairs and tables.

The Welcome Wall* on the ground floor is a collage created by elementary and junior high school students in Engaru and Tokyo. They took part in workshops that the Japanese Olympic Committee organized in educating about the Olympic symbol and the Games.

Ceiling louvers and Welcome Vision and Welcome Wall highlighting the legacy of Tokyo 1964

  • Louvers and furniture made from trees grown in Engaru
  • Cafe featuring wood from trees grown in Engaru
  • Welcome Wall, with collage of five rings

Japanese Olympic Committee

Location Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Opening Date 14th September, 2019
Nomura’s Scope of Work Sign, Graphic, Schematic design, Working drawings, Design administration, Exhibit execution, Interior execution
*Welcome Wall coordination Japan Space Design Association

Project Member

Account and Project Management Asako Harayama, Kazuro Hikota, Yuya Ono
Design and Layout work Shigechiyo Suzuki, Akane Yamaguchi, Kensaku Jodo, Manabu Yamanobe,Satomi Ishikawa, Katsuhiko Komuro, Toshiki Hirayama
Production and Execution Yuji Matsuda, Takayuki Inoue, Masahiro Nishikawa, Yusuke Miyagawa, Yuuko Yamashita, Tadahiro Nakajima, Koki Shibata

Let’s Celebrate Together.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will bring together people from around the world to honor excellence and fair play and uphold the enduring commitment of Olympic Movement and Paralympic Movement. Celebrate the joy of life with us in Tokyo in 2020.

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