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Reset Space

The Tsunagaling Project aims to contribute to the success of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 and help build the Olympic and Paralympic Movements by bringing people together from around Japan and the world.

Through the Tsunagaling Project, we aim to contribute to the success of Tokyo 2020 and bring joy and excitement to everyone around Japan by creating new spaces that bring people, knowledge, and ideas together. The first fruit of this project is ResetSpace, a communal area that we opened in June 2018 inside our headquarters that enables employees to relax and refresh themselves and take on new challenges. Here, we solicit ideas from employees and form teams of that handle design and construction and propose new office spaces that are unique to spatial creation professionals.

Work Practices Central to
Office Space Innovation

Our mission is to contribute to society by designing spaces that delight people. We know that spaces give people a sense of infinite potential and hope. ResetSpace is a place that stimulates the senses and fosters creativity through communication between colleagues. It is here that our people can refresh their minds and deepen connections with each other to help enhance the capabilities of our organization.

Where Diversity is the
Handmaiden of Inspiration

Great things can happen when professionals with diverse skillsets gather and inspire each other to reach their full potential. ResetSpace is a laboratory for fostering completely new and long-sought functions and empowering all employees to pursue diverse initiatives in a constantly changing and growing environment.

Planning Supervision

Creating Teams that
Enhance Efficiency and
Internal Engagement

We are pushing ahead with efforts to enhance employee efficiency, good examples to date being satellite office and flextime rollouts. Building a framework that enables employees to engage more closely with each other and strengthen their ties with each other, the firm, and their jobs is another aspect of efforts to improve work practices.

Human Resources Support Department

Providing a Place that is
Uniquely Conducive to Relaxing and Meeting

This 600-square-meter space is free of partitions and encompasses carefully conceived exercise, conversation, relaxation, concentration, and dining zones. Key features include an artistically painted wall, tabletops made of floor planks, and delightfully different chairs. There are shelves of books that employees have left for sharing knowledge with others. The space flexibly fosters open communication and carefree relaxation. The exercise zone incorporates a jogging circuit made of wood from an indoor athletics track, vaulting horse, and a ping pong table.

Creative Department

Sharing Knowledge and Encountering New Experiences

  • Shelves of employee-donated books
  • Area for relaxing and refreshing the mind
  • Casual conversation and leisure area
  • Open meeting area
  • Closed area for concentrating

Let’s Celebrate Together.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will bring together people from around the world to honor excellence and fair play and uphold the enduring commitment of Olympic Movement and Paralympic Movement. Celebrate the joy of life with us in Tokyo in 2020.

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