Tsunagaling Project

Connecting people and bringing together exciting new ideas

Purpose of the Tsunagaling Project

Tsunagaling project was launched in line with a new agreement to become an Official Supporter in the Provision of Design, Engineering and Construction Services for Interior Spaces and Exhibition Spaces category of the Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme. This is a community engagement project and will contribute to ideals of the Olympic Movement and Paralympic Movement by helping to unite people. For Japanese people, the name Tsunagaling will resonate because it is derived from tsunagu, Japanese for connect, in the context of bringing together exciting new ideas through Nomura’s spatial creation efforts toward 2020, and the English suffix “ing” to connote an ongoing progression.



Bring employees together.

Our vision for Tokyo 2020 is to materialize our greatest innovations and reforms. We look for all of our employees to do their very best and strengthen their connections with each other, with the company, and with their work. We are rolling out initiatives to motivate our people and invigorate the company while striving to bring joy and excitement to everyone around Japan in contributing to the success of Tokyo 2020.


Unite everyone around Japan by creating comfortable spaces.

Nomura will draw on more than a century of expertise to contribute to a better future by leveraging tangible and intangible ways to bring together people all over Japan while respecting regional differences. Our workforce of around 2,400 people includes 540 planners and designers whose shared ideas will encapsulate the collective thinking of the nation’s people

Other Partner Activation

Let’s Celebrate Together.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will bring together people from around the world to honor excellence and fair play and uphold the enduring commitment of Olympic Movement and Paralympic Movement. Celebrate the joy of life with us in Tokyo in 2020.

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