TOKYO2020 オリンピック・パラリンピック OFFICIAL SUPPORTER 内部空間・展示空間のデザイン、設計、施工




The Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will bring together people from around the world to honor excellence and fair play and uphold the enduring commitment of Olympic Movement and Paralympic Movement to a more peaceful humanity.

Tokyo 2020 will offer exceptional opportunities for nations, corporations, and other organizations to connect with athletes, international visitors, and local citizens.

As one of Japan’s foremost facilities and event space creators, Nomura Co., Ltd., is passionate about helping make Tokyo 2020 a splendid success for all.

Through our diverse planning, space design, construction, event management, and public relations support solutions, we look forward to building on our countless contributions over the past 125 years to the architectural and cultural soul of the world’s most exciting and enjoyable city.

Celebrate the joy of life with us in Tokyo in 2020.

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1 Years to Go!

Contributing to Change
through SportGreetings

With only a year or so to go until the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, NOMURA Co., Ltd., is redoubling its efforts to contribute to the success of these games through the sports and other venues on which it has worked (see note below*1). Such activities are in line with our position as an Official Supporter in the category of Design, Engineering and Construction Services for Interior Spaces and Exhibition Spaces. We will continue to support Japan Olympic and Paralympic Team and sport in general in this nation.

As the games approach, enthusiasm is mounting in-house through events and related activities. Our people are embodying our basic goal of finding ways to contribute to the games. Through experiential events and seminars, they are deepening their understanding of the power of sport, diversity, and sustainability. And we are delighted that employee Tetsuo Nishizaki set a new Japanese 54-kilogram para powerlifting record in a tournament in April this year, and is eager to go into action in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

We note that we participated in the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project to recycle metals from mobile phones and other electronic devices to create medals for the games, contributing in the process to social sustainability.

Our headquarters in the Tokyo Bay zone is near major Olympic and Paralympic locations, adding to our excitement in being part of the games. A total of 17 existing, temporary, and new sports facilities in this zone will host 34 Olympic and Paralympic events. They include a triathlon venue near headquarters. We are collaborating with the Tokyo Organising Committee and the community in preparations to ensure comfortable experiences for visitors to the games.

The games vision is that sport has the power to change the world and our future. In keeping with a commitment to three core concepts, which are for athletes to strive for personal bests, accept one another, and pass on a legacy for the future. In the year ahead, we will ensure that all of our employees reflect this vision by making a positive difference for athletes and everyone else involved with the games.

July 24, 2019
榎本 修次
Shuji Enomoto
President and CEO
Nomura Co., Ltd.

1 Signage Production for Tokyo 2020 Test Events and Signage Design for the Tokyo 2020 Games open_in_new
Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo Overlay Work (No.14) Yoyogi National Stadiumopen_in_new
Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Overlay Work (No. 5) Makuhari Messe (Hall A, B and C) open_in_new


Nomura Co., Ltd., was established in 1892 in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, by Taisuke Nomura. He started out as an apparel craftsman. But his true love was the magic of the theater and the delight that it gave to audiences gave him joy in return. He entered that world, mastering the art of shifting scenes without intermissions that would disrupt the atmosphere.

Ever since, the company has remained true to his commitment to partnering in prosperity through its passion for perfection.

We have evolved into one of Japan’s most foremost designers, constructors, operators, and managers of architectural spaces for everything from commercial complexes, shopping centers, and specialty facilities to museums and leisure complexes, event sites, and public spaces.

The passion for perfection that unpins everything we do has extended to fostering sporting excellence. In 2014, we hired para powerlifiting athlete Tetsuo Nishizaki, who lifted 136 kilograms in the 54-kilogram category to become the Japanese record holder and we assisted his representing Japan in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

We are deeply honored to contribute to the Olympic Movement by collaborating with committees, organizations, and other companies to celebrate international sport and friendship through Tokyo 2020 as the most innovative games ever.

Nomura will through its participation in the Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme ensure that all of its people materialize the Games Vision by achieving personal bests in creativity, embodying the message of unity in diversity, and striving to connect to tomorrow by passing on a legacy for the future.

At Nomura, all of us stand ready and united to uplift and enchant at the Games by creating comfortable spaces that showcase the splendors of Japan for all of the athletes and domestic and international visitors to Tokyo.

June 2019
榎本 修次
Shuji Enomoto
President and CEO
Nomura Co., Ltd.

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