Tokyo Midtown Hibiya






Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Description of work

Environmental design, design supervision, schematic design, working drawings, fixture and furniture manufacturing, manufacturing/interior construction

Project overview

Since the Meiji Period (1868–1912), the neighborhood of Hibiya has developed as a stage for social events and recreation by polite society, with such venues as the Rokumeikan, which hosted foreign dignitaries, and the Imperial Hotel, which was used as a state guest house by the Japanese government, built here.
The project owner, Mitsui Fudosan, defines Hibiya’s unique value proposition as “In the Park,” “Entertainment,” and “Elegance,” and is engaging in urban development to create new future-oriented experiences and value, and to encourage various cultures, sensibilities, and talents from around the world to come together and interact in Hibiya.

NOMURA was responsible for the commercial environment design as well as the manufacturing and construction for the retail floors from the basement first floor to the third floor above ground. With the concept of "The Premium Time Hibiya,” Mitsui Fudosan wanted to give visitors an extraordinary experience of luxury in time and space. With this idea and the design concept of “theatrical space city,” we created a vibrant and sophisticated grown-up space filled with appeal fitting with Hibiya’s role as a mecca for the arts, culture, and entertainment.
The three-story open atrium was designed using traditional theater spaces as inspiration, with its gentle curving lines creating an elegant feel.
The basement-level arcade embodies the neighborhood memory of the Sanshin Building, which formerly occupied the site and was a symbol of Hibiya, by recreating its architectural motif in a modern design.

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