Kashikey Co., Ltd.

Description of work

Planning, design/layout, design, signs/graphic design, layout, schematic design, working drawings, fixture and furniture manufacturing, manufacturing/display construction, manufacturing/interior construction


Bronze Award, Design for Asia Awards 2016
Gold Award, JCD International Design Award 2016
Best 50 of the Year 2016, DSA Design Award
Selected, 35th Display Industry Awards (2016)

Project overview

“Zero gravity” uses 3D printer technology to liberate jewelry from gravity.
At the HRD Awards 2015, an international diamond jewelry contest organized by HRD, one of the world’s largest diamond laboratories, Tomoko Kodera became the first Japanese jewelry designer to win the Grand Prix. This project is the first directly operated store by the eponymous Tomoko Kodera jewelry brand.
The design uses groups of fine wires to express the “wind = energy” that appears in a jet-black world modeled after outer space. The jewelry, the crystallization of the energy, floats in a space similar to the Milky Way.
Tomoko Kodera creations are not bound by preconceived ideas. To express their inherent mystery in the space as well, we created display pieces of all of the brand’s jewelry using 3D printer technology and displayed them from the ends of pipes hung from the ceiling. At the edges of the flowing energy, the jewelry sparkles and shines.


Tomooki Kengaku, Nacasa & Partners Inc.
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