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Privacy Policy

NOMURA Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “NOMURA”) creates environments that attract and inspire visitors and contribute to clients’ business prosperity and success through business activities including research, consulting, planning, design, layout, creation, and construction as well as revitalization , operation, and management of various facilities and events as its basic management policy.
To realize this, accurate understanding of client needs and social trends is essential, and necessitates the obtainment and use of various types of personal information, including client information. In obtaining and using personal information, NOMURA recognizes that protecting the rights and interests of individuals is its most important duty, and to fulfill this duty, hereby declares that it safely manages and properly uses said personal information in accordance with the purpose, and in compliance with the following policy.

1. Compliance with Laws and Ordinances, Etc.

NOMURA handles personal information in compliance with laws and ordinances, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, guidelines established by the national government, and other standards relating to the handling of personal information.

2. Appropriate Obtainment and Specification of Purposes of Use

In cases of obtaining personal information, NOMURA obtains said information using legitimate and fair methods as well as clearly defines the purposes of use, and collects personal information within the scope required to accomplish said purposes of use. In addition, personal information is used within a scope that does not deviate from said purposes of use. The purposes of use of personal information at NOMURA are as follows.

To execute sales activities for customers and others and work tasks relating to this
To outsource work to contractors, suppliers, and other vendors in the performance of work including planning, design, layout, creation, and construction, to execute orders, and work tasks relating to these activities
In cases required for the performance of business activities including explanations of construction or projects, obtaining consent, and other matters for nearby residents, land rights holders, and other parties in the vicinity of project sites
To execute public relations activities internally and externally and work tasks relating to this
To confirm the identity of, make contact with, and other activities for persons entering NOMURA business locations as well as persons contacting NOMURA business locations by telephone, fax, email, and other means
To execute NOMURA recruiting activities and work tasks relating to this
To fulfill contracts with fixed-contract workers, temporarily dispatched workers, part-time workers, and others at NOMURA, and for administrative and other processes
To execute the required work tasks for shareholders to appropriately exercise their rights
For administrative processing of social insurance, etc., and for social welfare benefits, etc. relating to the families of NOMURA executive officers, employees, and others
For NOMURA and NOMURA Group companies to execute other required work tasks in business activities for parties involved with NOMURA.
Furthermore, in cases of use other than the purposes stated above, the purpose of use is communicated by notification or public disclosure at each instance (However, this excludes cases in which the purpose of use is recognized as being self-evident from the obtainment conditions, and other cases in which notification or public disclosure of the purpose of use is not required by law).

3. Prohibition of Use for Other Purposes

When using personal information, NOMURA does not use said personal information beyond the scope of the purposes of use for which the person in question gave their consent (use of personal information for other purposes). To strictly comply with this point , NOMURA periodically takes steps to confirm the conditions of handling personal information internally, and performs checks through internal audits on an ongoing basis.

4. Prevention of Leaks and Destruction of or Damage to Personal Information and Corrections

NOMURA establishes internal regulations relating to the handling of personal information, and appropriately manages personal information based on a management structure with the person responsible for management in each department taking responsibility from the obtainment of personal information through to its disposal in an integrated manner. In addition, NOMURA enacts safety management measures including implementing an access management system at business locations and measures to protect computer systems from wrongful access and viruses, as well as strives to provide thorough supervision of NOMURA employees and supervision of outsourcing partners, and to prevent leaks or destruction of, or damage to, personal information. Regarding this management structure, in cases of matters pointed out by an external body, the occurrence of complaints or emergency situations, or discovery of noncompliance in internal inspections or by other means, NOMURA promptly takes corrective measures and preventive measures to prevent reoccurrences.

5. Restrictions on Provision to Third Parties

Except in cases of special circumstances, such as cases of receiving the consent of the person in question, cases based on laws and ordinances, and cases deemed necessary to protect rights and interests such as to protect human life or property, NOMURA does not provide personal information to third parties without the permission of the personal in question.

6. Disclosure, Corrections, Etc. of Personal Information

In cases of the person in question requesting disclosure, correction, the suspension of use, etc. of their own personal information, NOMURA promptly responds to the request within a reasonable scope after confirming the identity of the person in question. To do this, NOMURA has established the Personal Information Protection Managing Office to respond to inquiries and consultations from such persons.

7. Continuous Improvements

To appropriately manage and protect personal information, NOMURA strives to continuously revise and make improvements to the content of its personal information protection management system.

8. Complaints and Consultations

NOMURA promptly and appropriately responds to complaints, consultations, and other inquiries pertaining to its measures to protect personal information. Please direct complaints and consultations pertaining to NOMURA’s measures to protect personal information, and inquiries about this Privacy Policy, to the following office.

Personal Information Protection Managing Office, NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-3-4 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-8622
NOMURA Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Shuji Enomoto
Established on: March 16, 2005
Last revised on: May 21, 2015

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